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Edoardo Donnamaria ad Antonella Fiordelisi: "Ho avuto paura di perderti"

Edoardo Donnamaria to Antonella Fiordelisi: “I was afraid to lose you” – Big Brother VIP

Edward And the AntonellaOn the advice of their friends, they decide to talk to each other to clarify each other’s positions after the arguments they have had in recent days.

I’m not ready to be treated this way“Saab Eduardo says. Antonella did not expect to see him so sad and ask what he can do to resolve the situation.

Eduardo explains that he treated the girl kindly, driven by a real sensation, but did not want to make fun of him. For him, Antonella turned the day around but that doesn’t mean they have to build a relationship if that doesn’t come naturally to her.

Organized provocations with Antonino Eduardo did not like them at all and this raises various suspicions.

Antonella is very insecure, and usually, if she loves someone, she makes strategies to understand if those in front of her are honest. The boy feels close to her in this. He often has a cautious and cautious attitude.

However, he found a way to make Antonella seriously lacking in respect, as well as an inexplicable attitude: “What reaction do you expect from such behavior?Asked.

Antonella says the game is over, I understand that the boy was very upset. Eduardo determines that he did not suffer for love but because he saw someone special suddenly change. He almost reproached himself for approaching such a girl. “Sucks seeing someone enjoy being sickHe says with conviction.

I was afraid of losing youGo on. But despite his fears, reason leads him not to join such a superficial girl.

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Edoardo calls her to think: she should understand if she is interested in being with him, and if she really has a feeling, then she should avoid unnecessary provocations.

They hug each other tightly, without saying anything. Then, they come close, exchanging a tender kiss. Will it really be obvious again or is it just a short respite for the couple?