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"Economic contribution to the relief of Ukrainian refugees"

“Economic contribution to the relief of Ukrainian refugees”

Precisely translated into practical measures for the granting of refugee rights and assistance at the center of the Council. According to EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs Yilva Johansson, “3.8 million refugees have been welcomed into the EU, with about half of them living in Ukraine’s neighborhoods, but more than 1 million have fled to other member states.”

Attendance to European countries is declining

“So – he underscores – most of what is being done at the moment is Poland, which is currently providing more than one and a half million refugees. Obviously other neighbors are Romania, Hungary and Slovakia, but I also like it. There are a number of Ukrainian refugees, with data showing a drop in arrivals from 200,000 to 40,000 per day.

In Italy, 73,898 people have so far come from Ukraine, according to data from the Interior Ministry: 38,068 women, 6,959 men and 28,871 children. Enrollment in the national territory increased by 1,958 compared to Sunday. The main destinations are Milan, Rome, Naples and Bologna.

Security Chapter

Minister Lamorgis also addressed the security issue. He explained that the Commission had pointed out in its plans the use of a “computer platform” to register Ukrainian refugees seeking “international protection” in various states to avoid “potential abuses”. At the Council, Ministers shared the need to use the Europol, ed-owned Empact IT system, to adopt more targeted controls to counter potential threats to Europe, including terrorism.