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Easiest Superbonus: Here's How To Get It

Easiest Superbonus: Here’s How To Get It

In addition to limiting the right of banks to allocate credit to their account holders even prior to Step Four, as expected by the National Association of Building Builders, the Superbonos It will include the possibility of dividing the above credit on the basis of annual installments. It is the last option that will further simplify the credit disposals of banks, which should have an incentive to accept new ones.

Posted by Ernesto Maria Ruffini During the Eutekne and Credit Agricole conference held in the Scuola Grande di San Rocco (Venice). “When the balance is entered into the system, it can be converted in individual symbols for the one annuity to which it refers, to different subjects for each one year” The director of the revenue agency explained. In the coming weeks, the circular should make this government choice official.

This is the latest in a series of interventions by which the executive branch is trying to eliminate the problem of fraud associated with the system Balance Transfer. The system that, together with the loud 110% discount, immediately doubled the requests for access to the bonus. The companies responsible for carrying out the work took advantage of the right to take advantage of tax benefits immediately, or without having to wait for the recovery of the incentive through subsequent tax returns, or to waive the credit related to a bank or to the same company that, in turn, could choose to deduct it in a bank.

This situation has created a veritable jungle of credits, often unrelated to construction work that has already been carried out. To put an end to this problem, therefore, the government chose to drastically restrict sales, placing restrictions so severe that they effectively prevented many building renovations and discouraged supplying institutions such as the post office or banks, or key figures of the system. of waiving credits. The first effect was the serious repercussions for those companies that had already implemented it Discount on the bill to its customers by opening the doors of credit as a form of payment with the belief that it can be sold later.

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This is the reason for the latest additional adjustments to Superbonus, from transferring to checking account holders to splitting. Changes that will allow “The reopening of tax planning for banks and this is a very important driver for Italy”announced Deputy General Manager of ABI Gianfranco Torriero. “The obvious contribution of director Ruffini has been greatly appreciated by companies and banks”On the other hand, Eutekne’s first partner Enrico Zanetti commented. “Stopping sales, now that fraud is finally so hard, it would have been crazy at least to let it go for months and months when it was so easy to commit fraud.”He is done.