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Earthquake Ray, TV legend derailed: They’re all shocked


In the new tables published by the Rai, there will be no legendary face of public service. A warm comment arrives on Facebook.

Al Rai decided these days to publish the schedules for the 2022-23 television season. Among the excluded greats, there will be a real public service legend, which is not included in any broadcast: let’s find out who she is.

Public Service headquarters in Viale Mazzini (via WebSource)

There are many big names left out of next year’s rai, and among them there is also a sound dedicated to making a lot of noise. Actually we are talking about it Giancarlo Magali. In fact, Legend of the public network will not be broadcast next year. In fact, the well-known presenter will not have any program next fall and decided to comment on what the top management chose on his Facebook profile.

Apparently Magali was upset and then wrote: “Ray’s gratitude is legendaryTo surround what has been posted, there is also a laughing emoji used to make fun of what happened. For about 40 years, Magali has been a known face of Rai, collecting a way out of the scene. A choice that the train conductor himself has questioned and feared in recent months. So let’s go and see the lyrics. Magalli’s prophecy about his stay in Rai.

Rai, excluding Giancarlo Magalli from the tables: the presenter’s reaction

Giancarlo Magali
Rai host’s reaction after the exciting disqualification (via screenshot)

Giancarlo Magali In these hours he had to collect failure to confirm opinion for next fall’s schedule. The historical presenter ofyour facts‘He was afraid of such a choice which finally became a reality. there opinionAt least for now, he didn’t want to book any programs for him 2022/2023 TV Season. However, it is not certain that this is a final decision by the public service.

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A few months ago to microphones DavideMaggio.itMagalli repeated this fear of him. In fact on that occasion the presenter said: “I would like to know what to do next year. New browser managers, new to a certain extent, haven’t heard of it. I am someone who will continue to work for a long timeI don’t want to disappear all of a suddenIn the end, the Rai icon’s biggest fear became a reality, with public service seeming to have taken him away.


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