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Earth rising behind the moon: Watch the video replayed by NASA


This is the actual speed of the Earth rising through the Apollo 8 ports. Here is the amazing video.

About 12 seconds into this video, something unusual happens. The Earth begins to rise behind the Moon. Never before seen by humans, the Earth rising above the limb of the Moon occurred about 55 years ago, surprising the Apollo 8 crew. The astronauts rushed to take pictures of the incredible sight created by Apollo 8’s lunar orbit. The video below is a reconstruction of the event as it would have appeared if it had been recorded with a modern movie camera. The video is not a time-lapse: this is the actual speed of the Earth rising through the portholes of Apollo 8. Seven months and three missions later, the Apollo 11 astronauts were not only orbiting the Moon, they were landing.


Earthrise is the name given to the famous NASA photograph taken by astronaut William Anders on December 24, 1968, during the Apollo 8 mission. This image represents the first color photograph of Earth taken by humans from another celestial body. In the image, the Earth is partially in shadow, with the Moon’s surface in the foreground, suggesting a sunrise view seen from Earth. The image was taken from lunar orbit, as the Apollo 8 mission did not land on the satellite but only orbited it.

The first color image of Earth taken from another celestial body

Art historian James Fox commented: “It had never been shown in colour from the perspective of another celestial body. As always happens when a powerful image is taken, Earthrise changed people’s perspective. The image de-centered and diminished the Earth, making its inhabitants feel small.” It is considered one of the most famous photographs of all time, Earthrise It was included in Life magazine’s 2003 list of “100 Pictures”. that changed the worldAdditionally, in 1969, the US Postal Service commemorated the Apollo 8 mission with a stamp bearing this iconic image.

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