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€2500 Bonus, No ISEE Required and They’re Giving It to Everyone: Expires Soon | Hurry Up and Claim It


Bonus without ISEE 2024 –

There are only a few months left to say goodbye to the much-loved bonus without ISEE: what it is and how to take advantage of this opportunity.

In 2024 there will be many economic supports for citizens due to the difficulty of continuing the accelerating inflation. Many supports are allocated to those with a certain annual income; others, They see no discrimination.Knowing that this is not something that is taken into consideration.

For this reason, it is good to touch on some of the important features of this budget law, in light of that. As of next year it may not be extended. Because of the high cost of keeping them active. In this case we are talking about a very large discount, which states: 50% of the refund amount On purchases made during 2024.

Expired Bonus

Among the various benefits for citizens without ISEE is the furniture bonus. This support, which is highly appreciated due to the tax exemptions for the purchase of household furniture, has undergone another important review for 2024. It was previously set at a subsidized threshold of 8,000 euros for 2023, The spending limit has been significantly reduced to just €5,000 this year.This change, in addition to its meaning of good reduction, can indicate A trend towards more restrictions or complete disappearance of the benefit in the near future.

With the new legislation coming into effect, anyone who wants to benefit from the furniture allowance in 2024 should take this into account. The main condition is to start renovation work before purchasing furniture. But let’s see in detail.

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Furniture shop
How to Get a Refund on Furniture Purchases in 2024 –

How does the furniture bonus work?

Despite the reduced spending limit, the general terms of the bonus remain largely unchanged. The discount rate remains at 50% and applies to the purchase of furnishings such as beds, wardrobes and bookcases, as well as household appliances that comply with specific energy classes, namely:

  • Ovens of class not less than A;
  • Washing machines, washer dryers and dishwashers of class not less than E;
  • Refrigerators, freezers and other equipment bearing an energy rating of at least F.

Furniture bonus, as mentioned earlier, It is granted to those who carry out restoration work.. This year, anyone who has carried out extraordinary maintenance work such as conservative restoration and rehabilitation or simple renovation of a single apartment in 2023 can claim the deduction. Reconstruction or restoration of property damaged by natural disasters (only if a state of emergency is declared) is also included in this measure.

The mechanism provides for the refund in the tax return and is extended: if the business starts in 2023, purchases made until the end of 2024 will be facilitated. Finally, it is good to know that as part of the formalities necessary to access the furniture bonus It is necessary to send data relating to restructuring interventions to Enea.

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