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€200 bonus, new CDM for 'Amendments'.  Latest Rumors - Economy

€200 bonus, new CDM for ‘Amendments’. Latest Rumors – Economy

Rome, May 5, 2022 – the new cabinet in Help Decree, which was initially called this morning, has been pushed back to 17.30. According to government sources, a meeting was called to determine the base €200 bonus to WorkersAnd retired And unemployed With Income up to 35 thousand euros and for Get it faster. The standard was passed in Cdm without being specified in the script, which is why in these hours we are working on detailing its contents, especially with regard to timing and progress by the employer.

According to rumors The allowance will come once in July. The new draft will make it clear that the reward It does not apply to domestic work relationships. expect lower also for self employed. Employers, both public and private, will automatically recognize the bonus and check in the balance whether or not it is actually owed to the employee, and eventually get the amount back.

Yesterday already The hypothesis was A new paragraph in the CDM, for some “technical modifications”. Among the amendments, government sources clarified, also expanded the scope of aid provided by the fund to agricultural enterprises for companies most affected by the crisis in Ukraine. In the new draft of the decree under discussion in the CDM, a 100 million euro fund In the Ministry of Labor which will present a Good up to 60 euros To buy Season tickets for local public transportAnd regional And provinces “To mitigate the impact of expensive energy”, especially on students and workers with an income of less than 35,000 euros.

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Prime Minister Mario Draghi (ANSA)
Prime Minister Mario Draghi (ANSA)

Meanwhile, in the government. M5s repeat that they are no toHolocaust in Rome It is included in the edict of assistance and Conte warns: “Don’t think of trust.” The tension is still there big reward.

drop financial authorization In the room in the room: the majority lacked an agreement, particularly on the reform of the land registry, and the government decided to wait “to close a joint deal.” After the center-right government summit this morning, league And Come on Italy They had submitted a text with requests for corrections to the financial mandate. The text can be delivered today to Prime Minister Mario Draghi. “We have drawn up a text that we have submitted to the government and we are optimistic, and we are convinced that an agreement can be reached today on land registry reform that will take out the undeclared and thus support the municipalities,” said Forza Italia President, Antonio Tajani.

“Who outlasts the vice, center-right pressed as we asked. Now let’s see, there are the final steps, but it seems assets at home and savings have been thwarted. Yes, the tipping point is near,” he declared instead. Matteo SalviniLeague leader.

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