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bonus 150 euro raddoppiato

€150 bonus: someone can double it in November

Among the beneficiaries of the November bonus of 150 euros, there are those who will receive a double bonus of 300 euros. Let’s find out who can double the €150 November bonus?

Among the measures launched by the previous government, to support families, workers and retirees who face difficulties due to the high cost of living, there is a one-time bonus of 150 euros. The audience of beneficiaries of this service is quite large, and among them some even have the right to double the amount, that is, to 300 euros. Here, in detail, what it is and who the lucky ones are.

150 euros doubled

As we said before, a one-time bonus of 150 euros in November provides a large number of beneficiaries. There is talk of 22 million people, for a total of about three billion euros. Specifically, as defined in the Ter Aid Decree, this will affect those who fall within the annual income threshold of €20,000 for 2021. The categories of recipients of the November 150 one-time bonus are:

  • Employees, on full-time or part-time contracts, for an indefinite period as well as for a fixed term.
  • Retirees, pensioners, social allowances, pensions or allowances for civilians with disabilities, blind, deaf and dumb people, and accompanying pension arrangements starting October 1, 2022
  • local workers
  • Unemployed, those receiving NASPI unemployment benefit and DIS-COLL in November 2022
  • agricultural unemployment holders
  •’s collaborators. PhD students and research fellows
  • Self-employed people with a VAT number registered with INPS and private professional pension funds
  • Self-employed without VAT, not registered in other forms of social security, with ownership of occasional self-employment contracts in 2021 with at least one approved monthly contribution – registration in the separate administration
  • Citizenship income holders
  • Athletic Collaborators
  • Seasonal, temporary and intermittent tourist workers who performed service in 2021 for at least 50 days
  • entertainment workers.
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The €150 bonus support for some categories will be paid directly by INPS, without the need to submit an application, while others must submit a specific application to take advantage of the economic benefit.

Just as foreseen in the Ter Aid Decree, among the recipients of the €150 bonus, there are some categories of people who can double, so INPS will pay up to €300. The lucky beneficiaries of the treatment are the holders of more than one VAT number, registered in two different social security funds, provided that they submit a specific application and that in 2021 they have a total annual income of up to 20 thousand euros.

Bonus doubled 150 euros
150 euros doubled

Persons with widows and orphans pension can also benefit from the double bonus of 150 euros. Provided that the allowance is paid to more than one person. Basically, two beneficiaries of the inheritors’ pension can receive a bonus of 150 euros, provided they meet the income requirements required by law.