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€1.2 million fine – QuiFinanza


Once the investigation into the Easter eggs is completed, Chiara Ferragni’s companies will pay €1.2 million to the social foundation “I Bambini delle Fate”.

Posted: July 5, 2024 at 11:54 AM

to’Antitrust The investigation into Easter eggs has been completed, and it has been proven that companies Chiara Ferragni They will pour 1.2 million euros To the social enterprise “I Bambini delle Fate”. According to an antitrust press release, all companies involved in the proceedings proposed commitments that were approved and made binding by the antitrust.

Antitrust Decision

Chiara Ferragni’s companies reach agreement with antitrust authority to resolve egg case “Designed by Ferragni” Easter 2021 and 2022. This trend has opened up after the “Pandoro Gate” and the accusations of deceiving consumers regarding the beneficial reasons linked to the purchase of sweets. The well-known influencer – through his Fenice and Tbs Crew – will pay 1.2 million euros to the company “I Bambini delle Fate” over three years, in addition to 100,000 euros from Cerealitalia, the company “Dolci Preziosi”.

The sale of eggs was linked to a charitable initiative for a social enterprise. “fairy children” which supports children with autism and other disabilities. The antitrust authority wanted to check whether this association could deceive consumers into believing that buying eggs would contribute financially to supporting the social institution.

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All the companies involved in the proceedings made commitments that were positively assessed and made binding by the antitrust authority. The most important commitment provides for a donation of at least $1.3 million (i.e. 5% of distributable profits) to “I Bambini delle Fate” over three financial years, with a total minimum of $1.2 million per three-year period. , by Fenice and TBS; 100 thousand euros from pills). This is an appropriate measure to meet the needs of consumers who, by purchasing the product, wanted to make an economic contribution to “I Bambini delle Fate”.

In addition, the companies involved have pledged to keep their business activities, such as advertising and product sales, separate from charitable activities. This commitment is intended to avoid misinforming consumers about their contribution to charitable initiatives through the purchase of products.

The Antitrust Authority will monitor the effective compliance of these obligations by companies. In case of violation, in addition to the possibility of reopening the investigation, the Antitrust Authority may impose sanctions of up to 10 million euros. In the event of continued non-compliance by Ferragni, it may also decide to suspend the company’s activity for a maximum of 30 days.

Ferragni: “With appropriate antitrust commitments to protect consumers”

Following the guarantor’s initiative, the companies Tbs Crew Srl and Fenice Srl have communicated that they have been closed by the Authority, accepting the commitments proposed by the companies and other parties to the proceedings, as they consider appropriate to ensure consumer protection.

The two companies, headed by Chiara Ferragni, explained that “with regard to communication activities related to charitable initiatives, the two companies have decided to To separate clearly a job Who are you? usefuland the undertaking to refrain from carrying out operations in which commercial activities are linked to charitable activities, and with specific reference to the latter, to be clarified in a specific section of the relevant websites that will be created soon.”

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President of The Codacon Carlo Renzi: “The transparency process that Codacons had already launched in 2020 to protect citizens from opaque or misleading charitable operations has been successfully concluded – he explains. We believe that the antitrust decision to replace sanctions with donations in favour of the most needy individuals is correct, but the most important thing is that the absurd combination of charity and product sales has finally been banned, considering that Chiara Ferragni’s companies have also clearly and permanently committed to separating activities with commercial purposes from those with charitable purposes.”


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