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Dragon’s Dogma 2: Gameplay demo with lots of details from Tokyo Game Show 2023

Dragon’s Dogma 2: Gameplay demo with lots of details from Tokyo Game Show 2023

In Capcom Online Tokyo Game Show 2023 We had the opportunity to see what’s new Dragon Dogma 2 trailerthe long-awaited fantasy role-playing game.

The player has four Layers To start with, but you can change at any time through specific points in the game. There will be the Warrior, a classic sword and shield fighter. We will then have the Archer, who will obviously be able to fight from a distance by targeting aerial enemies with ease, as well as using special arrows. On the other hand, the Sorcerer will have powerful ranged attack moves at his disposal, but he will also be able to heal and strengthen his allies. On the other hand, the thief will be able to use knives for quick movements and will have access to a unique quirk.

They’ll be there then Advanced classes “Mixed”, such as a magic warrior who uses a double-bladed wand and magic, or magic archers will alternatively be able to use magic arrows and create area attacks by sacrificing maximum MP.

Dragon’s Dogma 2: quests, monsters and settings

Magic is slow but powerful in Dragon’s Dogma 2

There will also be other characters in the game world who can help us with quests, which will add to the game Pawns (AI-controlled allies that we will be able to choose and take with us). Obviously, NPCs will also give us secondary quests and sometimes guide us towards quest areas: it will be up to us to decide whether to follow them or not.

Monsters will act normally and try to set traps for us, but we can too Use the environment to attack themFor example, breaking a dam to hit a monster with a large body of water.

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Talking about SettingsVermund will be the kingdom of humans led by Arisin who obtained the wish from the dragon. It is an area made up of swamps and prairies. Batal is a kingdom built on ancient ruins, in a barren world, inhabited by monsters. While traveling, we will be able to use vehicles that will take us to our destination (we can wait in real time or make a quick teleport), but we may be ambushed.

It is then made clear that there will be Day and night cycle And in the dark we will be in danger: there will be unique enemies and we will not see well our surroundings. We will be able to use camps spread throughout the game world to spend the night and rest.

We remind you that Dragon’s Dogma 2 will be published on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series