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Dragonflight, new expansion trailer and details from Blizzard -

Dragonflight, new expansion trailer and details from Blizzard –

Blizzard announced Dragon Flightthe new expansion of world of cans During a live broadcast on the official channels of the Irvine Software House. Obviously, the ad was accompanied by Official Announcement cinematic, which you can view in the player above. Dragonflight doesn’t have a release date yet, but Blizzard said it expects news about the alpha expansion in the near future.

As we can guess from the trailer, dragons will play a key role in Dragonflight and the main location will actually be represented by Dragon Islandsdivided into five regions (four for settlement and one introductory to the new class) with different biomes.

Dragonflight expansion introduces i Dractyr, a new draconic race with a human form. They have unique abilities like dragons and are associated with the new Evoker class, and are therefore exclusive to this race.

The ivoker They can summon the magic of different aspects and can take advantage of the dragon’s unique physical properties, such as flames to fly and breath. The Evokers will be able to specialize in two different branches, one as a remote DPS, using breaths, fangs and claws, and the other as a healer with cures and upgrades for allies thanks to the more mysterious gifts of the dragon bloodline. This class will start at level 58 and can choose to ally with the Alliance or the Horde.

In addition to cunning and strength, Azeroth dragons are also known for their agility in flight. For this, all characters will be able to learn the art of Draconic Flight, unlocking a new dynamic form of flight on Draconic’s back, which can be customized and aesthetically trained to plow the skies more and more efficiently as you progress in the ‘expansion. Dragonflight will also deliver the most significant updates to World of Warcraft’s talent and career systems ever made since its launch, providing players with new levels of freedom and depth in defining their characters.

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It is clear that the expansion will bring many changes to the gameplay dynamics of World of Warcraft, as Blizzard has promised that among them there will be a reinterpretation of basic dynamics, such as the system of progression and talents. There will also be new features, UI updates, and content such as dungeons and raids.

Here are the features of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight from the official Blizzard release:

  • Explore the Dragon Islands: On their journey to the new extreme level 70, players will explore the primal wonders and ancient secrets of the Dragon Islands, divided into four new regions: the turbulent and elemental awakening beaches, the mighty plains of Onharan, the peaks of the blue expanse and the majestic towers and temples of Taldrasus.
  • A new blend of race and class: Players will be able to attack enemies (or upgrade allies) with Dracthyr Summoner, the first class of WoW and a racing set. Playable in both human and dragon form, choose whether to side with the Alliance or the Horde and out into the world as a long-range wizard or stormtrooper, harnessing the full power of the Dragon Dynasty.
  • Fly high in the sky: Dragonflight introduces Draconic Flight, a new form of airstream travel that allows players to fly on the back of their own Dragon Island drag. Players will be able to customize their Draco throughout the expansion, collect additional cosmetic options and unlock new abilities to fly farther and faster.
  • Redesign the talent system: The new talent system allows players to make creative and innovative choices, without compromising their effectiveness and, above all, by making meaningful choices at any level.
  • improved careers: artisans rejoice! In Dragonflight, players looking to become famous as their professional will find many new features and tools to fulfill their ambitions, including player-controlled work orders, new equipment for professions, and an all-new specialization system.
  • Updated interfaceDragonflight will update the user interface of World of Warcraft, with improvements to the appearance and functionality of the mini-map and other elements, as well as new customization options to adapt the interface to your preferences.
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