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Draghi launched a last-minute aid reform bill for the elderly who are not self-sufficient.  Cisl: "Good news, but more to be done"

Draghi launched a last-minute aid reform bill for the elderly who are not self-sufficient. Cisl: “Good news, but more to be done”

Better late than never. It should be an action Highest priorityAfter disasters Rasa Instead it ended up on the last pageDraghi agendaIts executive has finally approved the reform process Elderly people who are not self-sufficient. Also, this is one of the pieces of the puzzle for NRB’s access to funding. and the Prime Minister’s proposal, Minister of Labor and Social Policy Andrea Orlando and Head of Health Roberto SperanzaOn Monday 10 October, Draghi’s last cabinet of ministers finally got the green light. Ddl delegation Introduces simplified measures and procedures to support the elderly, especially the needs and conditions of those who are not self-sufficient.

“It’s an arrangement Significant social impact, It implements one of the reforms planned by the NRP in the field of assistance to the elderly who are not self-sufficient,” noted Palazzo Sigi at the end of the meeting. will be sent to Consolidated Conference For comment. It will then return to the Council of Ministers for a firm review by the new administrator and, therefore, be sent to new chambers.Parliamentary Elections.

“Our battle has finally found an answer: local and neighborhood health, simplifying and reorganizing access to social welfare services, reform of the RSA, tools for home care and support for active aging”, commented the Secretary General of Spi-Cgil. Ivan Petrity.

Speranza speaks instead of “long and detailed work” and then “we finally aim Integration of health and social services. The objective is simple and intimate welfare for families by strengthening housing services,” former minister Paglia thanked the commission.

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Still in practice the Cisl A note from the CISL Federation Secretary pointed out that there is still a long way to go to talk about “an important political move and long-awaited evangelism”. Andrea Gucello And Daniela fumarola, regent of Fnp Cisl. “But now that the ball has passed to the new executive and parliament, the process must continue quickly to reach a final release. In the spring of 2023 Providing sufficient funds from the next budget law “, two trade unionists warn,” it is necessary to guarantee social rights to more than 3 million vulnerable people who have been waiting for organic answers compared to the current law for some time. Absence of social and community health policies In most of the country “.