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Draghi hears Igono, the pride of Italian sport – Politics

“The complete solidarity of volleyball champion Paula Igono from President Draghi on the phone call this morning. The Italian athlete is a pride for Italian sport, he will have future chances to win other titles wearing the national team shirt.” It can be read in a tweet from Palazzo Chigi.

“Paula Igono is very attached to the blue jersey and had a hot outburst defined by four social idiots.” Giuseppe ManvidiThe head of the Volleyball Federation, in a telephone interview with ANSA, is keen to “report yesterday’s episode that overshadowed the project of countless of these girls who are able to conquer the bronze of the world, in its true size.” “Paola came in six months after retirement, it was natural that she was stressed. Now we all calm down, the next call is in April 2023 and I have no reason to believe that she will not be there: among other things, volleyball offers full integration the most racist.”

Democratic Party Secretary Enrico Letta tweeted a drawing of Mauro Piani representing Paola Enugu in Tricolor: “Paula Enugu Azzurra.”

“Paola smiled, it’s a difficult time for everyone, but it will pass. We will celebrate together”: this is how the former Italian volleyball coach, now a member of the Democratic Party, was via his social channels Mauro Beirut He turns to Paola Igono, the Azzurri player who announced yesterday that she wants to take a break from the national team. “Thank you Paola, the Italian pride – continues – thank you, your comrades, your employees for this innumerable medal that is only appreciated by those who have never taken their backs off the sofa.”

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“Solidarity with Paola Igono, Italian pride, a hero on and off the volleyball court. The vulgar words addressed to her do not qualify her but the miserable individuals who uttered them. The Five Star Movement and all of Italy on your side, come on Paola!” The M5s head writes on Twitter, Giuseppe Conte.

“The Italian volleyball girls for the bronze medal are so great. A stronger hug to Paula Igono, the champion on and off the court, for whom we continue to wish many victories with Tricolor on her chest.” The university secretary writes on Twitter: Matteo Salvini.

“Big hug to Paula Igono, our volleyball champion, pride in our country. Yesterday’s tears hurt the entire community. Unfortunately, racism is still so frequent and intolerable in a society that must be held together. How many women and men still have to suffer humiliations and discrimination on the color of their skin It is the task of each of us to give strong and clear messages against all forms of discrimination and intolerance.” like him Roberto Vico on his social pages.