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Downward temperature, feeling cold in the coming days in one part of Italy. Details

Weather: Temperature drop in the coming days in one part of Italy, feeling cold. details

Temperatures are expected for the next few daysMasses of very cold air descending directly from the icy Arctic will maintain a very mild climate for the next few days.

However, we need to make an accurate distinction between the actual temperature, i.e. the temperature recorded by the instruments, from what is actually perceived by our organism. In the next few days though Temperature They will definitely last longer Color Compared to the mild days at the beginning of the week, it will be above all else Wind To make us realize Feeling Off Cold.

This is the cause of the event Cold air To which, in the presence of the wind, the Temperature What our body perceives is less than real. The higher the wind, the lower the temperature. Windshield is, in essence, an index calculated with data on temperature and wind.

But where do thermometers fall most in Italy?
The Temperature We will record them in most parts of the country where thermometers rise the most during the day 10 C, Such as Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence and Rome.
On two large islands with mercury columns and peaks in the far south 14/15 C As in Cochlear, Palermo and Regio Calabria.

On the other hand, keep an eye on the expected night values ​​at the start Week. With the mild weather and the expected bright spells expected to be high especially in the north, the lows will be significantly reduced in practice in the winter weather environment on Monday the 4th.
In fact, we must not forget that cloudless skies support greater heat dissipation toward the free atmosphere. Cooling.

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Then, if everything is confirmed, the situation will be even worse Difficult This will allow for the typical heat increase expected in the middle Next week.
But we will deal with this in the next update.