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Don't go vote.  Salvini's anger explodes - Libero Quotidiano

Don’t go vote. Salvini’s anger explodes – Libero Quotidiano

The referendum ended on Sunday 12 June in the midst of controversy over various appeals from the left that asked Italians not to go vote to blow up the quorum and implement “no” reasons. These days, and for that very reason, Rai also ended up in the Storm, which granted him a monologue Luciana Letizetto Ever when the comedian explicitly said “go to the beach” instead of the polling station. The words of fire also sparked the AgCom backlash targeting Rai.

but that is not all. Twenty-four hours after the vote, another call to not vote arrived, this time straight from the columns of the Republic, a daily newspaper that clearly aligns with “no.” In fact, this comment appeared in the Romanian daily newspaper and it sparks a lot of discussion. We read: “On the eve of the vote we think it is right to disclose the position of our newspaper.”

So far they are all legitimate. “We think it is appropriate to vote on all five questions,” and there’s nothing to say on that point either. But it’s time to strike: “…or not go to the polls until the quorum is not reached (both legitimate options)”.

At first, voting “no” is nothing to say, but in fact, it is clear that the call to not vote is certainly not an example of democracy. Matteo Salvini was immediately targeted for comment Republic: “Journalists, politicians and left-wing judges boycott and censor #ReferendumJustice tomorrow. Unprecedented shame, thieves of democracy, the desperate class trying to defend itself. More reasons to vote 5 YES for the change. Whoever does not vote loses.”

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