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Don Matteo 13, the protagonist admits to the drama: "I live with pain in my heart"

Don Matteo 13, the protagonist admits to the drama: “I live with pain in my heart”

Don Matteo 13, the protagonist of the drama admits: “I live with pain in my heart.” One of the most lovable characters has regrets

For 22 years, one of the most awaited dates of the Rai TV season is sure to be one of the most anticipated dates of the Rai TV season Don Mateo And the public figures confirm this. Some heroes have changed, also arrived in the last episode Raul BovaBut the imagination is great.

Maurizio Lustrico (Don Mateo Instagram)

This is also due to those who have managed to integrate into a mechanism that has already been extensively tested. Like Maurizio Lastrico Who since 2017 plays the role of the Prosecutor Marco Nardi, one of the most beloved characters. An unmissable opportunity for the Genoese actor we are beginning to know as the protagonist zellige on Canale 5. But with great regret that he himself admitted to the weekly “TvMia”.

I live with pain in my heartI made my Zelig debut, he said, three days before my father died suddenly. I very much hoped that he would see my professional development, all that I did. I took the comedy from him.” Now he hopes that wherever his father is, he follows him. But in the meantime, there is Mom who is his number one fan.

Don Matteo 13, the protagonist admits the drama: with Maria Chiara Giannetta I understood but only on the set

In the long interview, Maurizio Lastrico recalls that the beginnings of his career took place. Because after graduation he tried to follow the advice of his parents and find a stable job. But the wood worm the acting He was acting on his mind and he knew that in reality this was the only job he wanted to do. In the end he was right and the results paid off.

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The 45-year-old Genoese actor has starred in several successful novels, also alternating with the theater that is loved by others. But here, with the character of Prosecutor Nardy and the love story of living with Captain Anna Olivieri (played by Maria Chiara Janita) impressed the audience.

Maurizio Lastrico and Maria Chiara Giannetta on the set (Instagram Don Matteo)

Their understanding of the group made us believe that there is a story even in the private sector because apart from Don Matteo’s sayings, they have always shown great complicity. In fact, Lastrico falls in love with a colleague he met while working in the theater and is also happy that the business is going well.