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Mourinho attacca Karsdorp? Sabatini: "Ora dovrà andarsene, episodio di gravità inaudita"

Does Mourinho attack Karsdorp? Sabatini: “Now he must go, an episode unprecedented in severity”

Walter SabatiniThe former CEO, among others, from Rome and Salernitana, spoke to Sky Sportsstarting with the words Jose Mourinho Yesterday, who attacked him, even if he did not name him, Rick Karsdorp: “Anything I say about Mourinho would be a throwback to me. The coach will just have to meet the club and re-evaluate the entire team by making final choices, after what happened yesterday. The episode for me is of unprecedented danger, it’s ruling out a player who now has to leave by force. “I don’t think he can go shopping in Rome quietly. His words were excessive in extreme language, but we are talking about football. I would like to review the Karsdorp match, in order to understand what Mourinho is referring to. If he only talks about the goal action, I don’t think he will hold up, given that Pinamonti expects Smalling, who remains one of the best players in Roma. Matches consist of mistakes, there can be no talk of betrayal.”

How will the team react now?
“I would be very worried about this, players usually form a group and protect each other. But I think they are related to Mourinho, even if the fear of being attacked by the coach will take over after a poorly played match.”

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