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"Does he hate us? I'll tell you what's behind Medvedev's words" - Libero Quotidiano

“Does he hate us? I’ll tell you what’s behind Medvedev’s words” – Libero Quotidiano

to me White papersThe talk show hosted by him Bianca Berlinger on Rai Tre, Alessandro Orsini He doesn’t utter the words and tries, a little awkwardly, to justify the (very difficult) words of Medvedev who yesterday called Westerners “scoundrels” and swears his hatred of the Western world.

During the live broadcast, Professor Orsini explained the words of the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council as follows: “Medvedev’s words? Russia at this moment is like a crazy bull that has been stabbed several times.the West He caused a lot of humiliation and defeats for Russia from 1991 to today and this is just a historical note.” Words that make us discuss Orsini’s words that actually tried to defend the indefensible.

Then the professor commented on the ban lists that appeared in Corriere della Sera with pro-Putin From Italy and his name also appeared: “I was very sorry for Corriere’s article in which I was quoted as being Putini. This is a campaign of demonization and obscurity, seasoned with false news like the one under which I was expelled from the university.” In short, Orsini tried to dodge the blows. But certainly his position on Medvedev’s words does not dispel doubts about his closeness to pro-Russian positions. It’s legitimate to be voiced everywhere, but not very credible if you stand up for those who call us “bastards.”