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Do you remember Matteo Branciamore from I Cesaroni?  Here's what happened to her

Do you remember Matteo Branciamore from I Cesaroni? Here’s what happened to her

Matteo Branciamore was Marco in the popular Mediaset novel I Cesaroni. In recent years, he has not been seen much on TV: this is what happened to her

In the 2000s, Matteo Branciamore made thousands of girls fall in love. The character he played in the popular Mediaset series CesaroneMarco has stolen the hearts of viewers thanks to his rebellious personality and immense charisma. The son of the character played by Claudio Amendola, Giulio Cesaroni, became the protagonist for six seasons with Eva, played by Alessandra Mastronardi. The couple formed by the two half-brothers became one of the most famous Italian television.

In addition to the role of Marco, which was translated from 2006 to 2014, Matteo Branciamore took part in many other films and television series. Born in Rome on October 2, 1981, he began studying acting in theater at a very young age. Its debut dates back to 2002; Then, after that, he toured Italy with other theater performances. However, the first appearance on TV came the previous year with You are strong sir 2. After a long professional training on television, which also included the years in which Marco Ne played CesaroneThe good Roman actor arrived at the cinema. In 2011, director Francesco Maria Domenido chose him for the film 5 (five).

What happened to Matthew Branciamore?

In the years since his debut film, Matteo Branciamore has played many other roles in film and television. But in recent years, his visibility on both the small and large screens has waned dramatically. What happened and why do we no longer see it on TV and cinema? Based on reports Altranotizia.itThe actor was suffering from an illness that forced him to stop. As he told the Weekly FromIn fact, Branciamore suffered from a sexual addiction. This prevented him from working quietly and comfortably.

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But fortunately, the actor followed the path of psychotherapy that pushed him out of addiction and living in a healthy way. Now, beloved Marco Di Cesarone back to acting. In fact, we recently saw it in the web series Love has virus times. He is also very popular on social networks: his Instagram page, in fact, has more than one hundred thousand followers. As you can see on this profile, Branciamore is currently happily linked with Ludovica Titti Del Cimmuto and is very quiet. We hope to see him again soon in the cinema or on TV!

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