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Do you remember Anbita from Amici di Maria de Filippi? Here’s what happened to the dancer today

Do you remember Anbita from Amici di Maria de Filippi? Here is what happened to the dancer after the show’s farewell.

Originally what is today the most famous talent program on Italian TV was called Saranno Famosi and began to appear in 2001. In the second edition of the talent show, a classical dancer appeared in the ranks of the dancers, we are talking about Anbeta Toromani. The dancer is of Albanian origin and has often stated that it was not easy to reach the hearings due to Italian laws towards non-EU citizens. Despite great difficulties, Anbeta managed to enter the school and was ranked second.

From that moment his television ascent began. In fact, for about ten years the dancer remained in the cast of the program among the professional dancers who follow the boys and put on great shows. Anbeta was the perfect disciple of teacher Alessandra Celentano who never missed an opportunity to fill her with compliments. However, at a certain stage in her television career, the dancer decided to abandon the program and change her life. Many wondered what was the reason for this sudden choice and there was talk of a quarrel with Maria de Filippi, so what is the truth?

Anbeta di Amici: This is what a dancer does today

Today, Anbita is 42 and there is only one thing for sure in her life: dancing. Indeed, after the television experience of Amici, the artist did not abandon classical dance but, on the contrary, decided to work in the theater. Many still wonder why he left school and the truth is that there could be a hand for De Filippi. When Anbita was among the professionals, the announcer reprimanded her about her attitude toward the students she was preparing for.

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It seems that the dancer did not digest the nanny and that she wanted to escape. However, relations with De Filippi were not lost, until this year Anbeta returned to Amici as an external judge like the other former masters. The dancer has changed her life today and dedicating herself to theater is one of her greatest desires.

Besides her love for theater, the Albanian-born dancer found her love in one of her partners on stage. It’s Alessandro Macario and together they have a beautiful love story. The two share a passion for dancing, and Anbeta has stated that her future is theater specifically while not denying the years on the small screen.

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