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Do you remember Ana Laura Ribas?  That's why he decided to leave the TV and the reason is sad

Do you remember Ana Laura Ribas? That’s why he decided to leave the TV and the reason is sad

What happened to the famous Brazilian showrunner and presenter Ana Laura Ribas? Why is he no longer shown on the small screen after years in the spotlight? Here’s the truth about the beautiful South American model

Ana Laura Ribas is a Brazilian showgirl. Born in Curitiba on March 13, 1966, she made her television debut in the South American country at the age of 15 as the hero of some TV commercials. However, the greatest success was achieved in our country. After debuting in 1989 as Mike Buongiorno’s valet on the show TelemikeThe beautiful Latin American model and presenter was a constant presence throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Many will remember her as a duck in the first two editions of papercima or as a fabric of stripping news. Others didn’t forget to share it Sunday in or to the second version ofFamous Islandwhich in 2004 was one of Simona Ventura’s Rai programmes.

It is also necessary to talk about her career as a TV and radio host. limousineFor example, it was an important realistic game conducted by the Brazilian girl, in which the latter traveled in a cool white car in search of competitors who wanted to participate in the game. From 2007 to 2010, she was also a radio spokeswoman for RTL 102.5. After working alongside Alfonso Signorini on Canale 5 calyspira In 2011, she disappeared from the small screen.

Anna Laura Ribas disease

The reason why he retired from show business is really sad. In 2011, Ana Laura Ribas announced that she had uterine cancer. From that moment on, he began a long fight against a dangerous disease, since his appearance on television was limited to a few simple guests. As reported by, the beautiful model, who is now fifty-six years old, was able to return to this dramatic period, also thanks to the support of her family.

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Now that she’s finally okay, are we going to see her more often on TV? Probably not: The former radio and TV presenter has decided to say goodbye to the entertainment world and reinvent herself. In fact, he is currently running a digital marketing company and has no plans to return to the small screen. Indeed, Ribas says she is satisfied with her work, in which a certain amount of professionalism as well as great credibility is recognized. “The one I wouldn’t have if I was still filming TV” he added.

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