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Do you get angry while playing? It’s good for your health, for research

Feeling angry isn’t good for your health or maybe yes, at least according to a scientific study, so if you feel the need to throw the pillow in during your struggle with video games, don’t hold back. But don’t overdo it.

Feelings experienced while playing are a wide range that covers almost everything: from euphoria to sadness, and from cheerful black rage. There are also those who bring video games in their dreams.

Do you get angry while playing? It’s good for your health, for research (Photo Pexels)

And as part of everyday life, there are also those who have studied it to find that it is probably not as harmful as some believe to the mind of most of them. little kids, As long as you suggest age-appropriate content. And maybe the Mexican studio also cleared that moment from customs very angry Which sometimes catches anyone playing.

Anger and video games, in small doses is a good thing

The combo that went wrong and the opponent pulled out the last part of the life bar that you were defending from the whole round. One step away from the boss, fight a stupid agent who hits you below the belt and sends you forty-eight times to the cards. There are many ways that anger and frustration can erupt while playing, and we’ve learned many times that it’s a bad thing and that it is. just games And we shouldn’t take it. But, apparently, we can get angry and that’s okay too.

Get angry while playing - it's good for your health, to do research
Do you get angry while playing? Beneficial for your health, for research (YouTube image)

to say one study From UNAM, the Autonomous University of Mexico, led by a team led by Professor Eduardo Calixto Gonzalez and who already holds his title: “Results of Enojarse benéfico para el cerebro“that by saying”get angry It is good for the brain.” But, as in any studio, there are not only positives. And Professor Calixto Gonzalez himself, having explained how anger is necessary for the brain vent and how Half for Achieving a goalindicates that you should not stayed in feeling.

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thirty minutes of anger daily is more than enough to get a physical and mental response to stress without producing cortisol, stress hormone, and they can also improve pre-stations. Thus, the rage you feel now and then with video games is healthy, and you will surely realize on your own that right after losing at the last minute, you felt the need to try again and often too you pulled out of times and had better results.