Monday, July 22, 2024

Dl aid bis, in the Senate Convention on Premium Bonus – Economy


There is agreement in the Senate on the redrafted text of the amendment on the additional bonus for assistance dl bis. This was reported by the Chairs of the Budget and Finance Committees of Palazzo Madama and the rapporteurs, Daniele Pisco (M5s) and Luciano Dalfonso (Pd), who expressed their satisfaction and thanked the Government and officials.

The text will be the one that was outlined last night in a broad outline around which the groups expressed a general consensus. The text is approved by Palazzo Chigi, and “it will please everyone,” said Undersecretary of the Economy Federico Freni.

“On the Superbonus, as I expected yesterday, we have identified a solution that I believe will have Parliament’s approval. We have deposited the rule in the Commission and it will be voted on in the morning.” This was confirmed by the Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance, Laura Castelli, in a note. “There is a need – added Castelli – to ensure citizens and businesses, and above all to make progress and it is a measure we so wanted and built, with the aim of ensuring, in the post-Covid years, the recovery of the construction sector and the growth of GDP. It is a goal that has been largely achieved.”

The qualification of “Expert Teacher” was cancelled, leaving him only the economic incentive. This was foreseen by the aid bill (dl bis) amendment that got the go-ahead from the Senate Budget and Finance Committees. This case, along with the Superbonus, caused a stalemate in the Senate. Once the qualification of “expert teacher” is removed, it is expected that “teachers who have passed the three-year course with a positive assessment will be permanently motivated, within a career advancement system that will be determined in full capacity at the collective bargaining venue”.

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In the aid decree bis does not enter into the narrow waiting for deportations, which nevertheless must be included in the next “third” aid decree. An anti-transfer amendment signed by Senator B. But during the commission, according to what was known, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy Federico Freni confirmed that the rule would be included in the next aid decree.

Temporary cuppers at the beginning of each semester. An amendment to the Bis Assistance Bill that was approved in the Senate Committee provides for this. “At the beginning of each legislature and until the appointment of the new members of the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic, the relevant functions are exercised by a temporary committee” with the members of the committee of the previous legislature who have been appointed. – Elected in one of the rooms. If there are less than six, the Speakers of the House and the Senate shall proceed to combine the composition, “to a maximum of eight”. The committee expires after “20 days of the vote of confidence in the government.”


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