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"Djokovic? There is no disease that prevents you from getting a vaccine"

“Djokovic? There is no disease that prevents you from getting a vaccine”

Djokovic? Let’s not joke, he has no excuseThere is no pathology that does not allow you to get vaccinated but allows you to play tennis, on top of being number one in the world.” This is what Michele Greu, Head of Anesthesia and Intensive Care at Rivoli Hospital, the scientific face of Piazza Poletta, said in an interview with Next . The doctor strongly rejects the decision of the Australian Federation To allow the world’s number one player to participate in the Australian Open thanks to a medical exemption from the vaccine, which is mandatory to enter Australia.

“Actually, there is absolutely no disease that prevents the use of a vaccine. I vaccinate everyone, even the most fragile people. Not to mention the tennis champion – continues Griew -. A disease that you exclude from vaccination? I have vaccinated thousands of people in my life and never seen Never severe reactions, least fatality to vaccines. And I am a person who feeds a lot. And everyone is vaccinated. For those with severe allergies, it is possible to evaluate a personal vaccination strategy, such as choosing another type of vaccine, eg Pfizer instead of Astrazeneca, or delaying the passage of time, but the vaccine has no absolute contraindications for any topic. ”

“If there is serious immunosuppression, as in the case of severe leukemia, where the immune response is assumed to be null, in this particular case the non-vaccination hypothesis can be evaluated, but not because the vaccine is dangerous or contraindicated, simply because it would be ineffective. Let’s not joke. If Novak Djokovic was the hero he was supposed to be, he should set an example, get vaccinated and walk around with a green card printed on his back,” he said.

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