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Discover black holes that can erase the past and the future, a troublesome thread

Discover black holes that can erase the past and the future, a troublesome thread

Black holes are very strange and mysterious objects and they scare us about it. In 2018, a team of mathematicians calculated that some of them, in an expanding universe like ours, could hit a reset button in their content history, effectively erasing the past and turning the future into a giant question mark.

But what does that mean concretely? How will it work from an observer’s point of view?

Yuan YuanGetty Images

Peter Haines, a mathematician at the University of Berkeley, and his team have been studying hypothetical charged, non-rotating objects called Reissner-Nordström-de Sitter black holes. In theory, this type of black hole would have a barrier called the Cauchy horizon. Beyond that, there is no cause and effect in this distorted scene, but time and space quietly blurred in an infinite moment.

These things in the expanding universe will be separated from their past and will have no particular future. Getting into it means you can never go back, but you won’t get crushed in a spot either. Yes, I know it can be a little complicated for our brains to visualize these events.

A physicist at the University of Lisbon tried to explain it as follows: “Thinking of Schrödinger’s cat, we know that we can determine the probabilities that the cat is both alive and dead. But if the cat falls within that specified event horizon, we cannot even compute these probabilities.”

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