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Discover a “new world” in the heart of the Earth

The essence of the earth - discover a
Earth’s core, discoveries at the heart of planet Earth.

A group of American and Japanese researchers first members at the hawaii institute of geophysics and planetary science And the latter belongs to the Agency for Earth Sea Science and Technology, recently published a study according to it The inner core of the Earth does not appear to be completely solid. The study appeared in the journal in September “Earth and interplanetary physics”.

According to these experts its composition It varies from a hard to semi-soft metal and in some areas may be a liquid.

Therefore, this study will refute half a century of knowledge.

Scientists discover a “new hidden world” in the heart of the Earth! This appears in many international scientific journals.

Jessica Irving is a seismologist at the University of Bristol It shows how, by collecting data from seismic waves generated during earthquakes, it is possible to create an image of a planet’s internal functioning in a manner “similar to a person’s CT.”

We know, in fact, that there are two types of waves: straight pressure waves and undulating shear waves.

For each wave it is possible to move from one part of the Earth to another and change its speed and direction according to the consistency of the material it passes through.

“The more we look at it, the more we realize it’s not a boring lump of iron,” Jessica Irving, a seismologist at the University of Bristol in England who was not involved in the study, told Live Science. “We are discovering a whole new hidden world.”

Rhett Butler, one of the scientists credited with this groundbreaking study, they came to conclusions about Earth’s core that no one has come before.

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Consider seismic waves generated during large earthquakes Passing through the center of the Earth, Butler studied the phenomenon by which undulating shear waves undergo many aberrations. From this it was concluded that these waves did not pass through a sphere of perfectly ordinary metal, but also pass through regions of “liquid” or in any case of “softer” metal.

This represents research and related discoveries A step forward in our knowledge of the complex mechanisms related to the Earth’s magnetic field. A deeper knowledge of the Earth’s core is necessary to understand the connection between the interior of the planet and the corresponding magnetic activity.

In some ways, Earth’s inner core remains as mysterious as it was when Jules Verne published his fictional Journey to the Center of the Earth in 1864. Although scientists have known since the 1950s that our planet is not as empty as Verne predicted. The interior of the planet is still unexplored. theThe enormous heat and pressure are simply too great for any probe to travel there. it is in Unless something terrible happens to our planet, Irving said, we will never have direct observation of the Earth’s core.