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Discounts, major brands and steal our money

Discounts, major brands and steal our money

The fraud that has been circulating for weeks now has to do with the usual play of fake promises that put our savings at risk

Whatsapp (Adobe) scam

The usual deception is the usual Small game With false benefits, false discounts. Increasingly, users fall into the network, victims of scams Fraudsters Professionals waiting for the right moment to cast their own taste. Often times the false promise of discounts and coupons turns out to be the same Occasions Too greedy for some citizens who fail to be clear on certain occasions. Fraudsters in these cases Joy.

The technique is always the same, and Request Personal data and sensitive data such as Credentials Access to your bank account or postal file and that’s it. This type of fraud is developing, as told by many people who have fallen victim to the scam, after different users are exposed to it. Received Fake discount codes to buy products of big brands of all kinds. Reaching out to the opponent, however, is not immediate, you must first introduce some Information.

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Whatsapp scam: big brands, big discounts, big scams

The WhatsApp

Pirates look at The WhatsAppThey realize its potential and then letters begin, classic chains that contain many more pitfalls than one might imagine. Zara, H&M, MediaWorld, Euronex, expertAnd the Brands generally involved in this major scam. The promise of strong discounts and then a request to fill out a form through the classic form Link To access various offers. Obviously, you must also enter your data regarding the checking account of the bank or post office.

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At that moment ours savings It was marked. You are providing certain information that the fraud will play with Withdrawals We were forced out of what was, in fact, our savings. Nothing is simpler and at the same time Dangerous.

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Another scam spread on the well-known messaging platform Continue to make victims, and steal money from them unaware Users who trust what they read, never enter it Doubt What is proposed before their eyes.