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Disclosure of files and fines, municipalities in trouble

Disclosure of files and fines, municipalities in trouble

Among the main and most discussed points of the budget law, which is being scrutinized by the Senate pending final approval, is there Extracts from tax invoices amounting to 1,000 euros dating from the years 2000 to 2015. Most of the traffic fines that make up almost all the resources of the municipalities fall below this threshold of financial peace, which do not want to give up the main source of revenue, despite the fact that in most cases they are unable to collect it. loans from their countrymen.

Disclosure of Files and Fines, Municipalities Involved: The Law of Maneuvering

The first version of the maneuver also included road fines in file extracts worth less than one thousand euros, but through an amendment, the government retracted by giving The possibility for the municipalities themselves to decide whether to cancel the mini-files or continue to try to claim what is owed (We talked about here News will come soon about the cancellation of the volumes).

An option hoped for by the latter by Anci, a federation of Italian municipalities which, through its president and first citizen of Bari, Antonio Decaro, has expressed concern about the possibility of having to give up the essential revenues of the administration buildings already In red 350 million euros.

Fines of less than a thousand euros can therefore be waived only after obtaining the go-ahead from the mayors, who have just over a month to calculate the appropriateness or inappropriateness of the process, given that they will have to communicate their decision by January 31 next.

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According to estimates, there will be a risk 11 million fines between 2011 and 2015given that debts of up to €1,000 in fines and stamp duty between 2000 and 2010 have already been written off from the 2019 financial peace.

Disclosure of files and fines, municipalities in trouble: the position of municipalities

However, municipalities will have to deal with the very low percentage of fines collected, especially in the south: if The national average is about 45%.In Naples in 2021, only 15.9% of penalties arrived, in Rome 35.2%, while in Milan 55%.

However, mayors Roberto Gualtieri and Pepe Sala don’t seem to have any intention of giving up the potential, albeit unlikely, revenue from traffic fines. Cancellation of fines will cost capital 240 million euros less in the budgetWhile the mayor of the Lombard capital, despite an adequate collection rate, already in 2019 decided not to join the tax peace “to ensure fairness towards those citizens, the majority, who have paid taxes and penalties”.

Alessandro Canelli, Mayor of Nova and President of the Anci Ifel Foundation (Institute of Finance and Local Economics), commented that in any case “we will have to look closely at what the law says: because if the amounts written off are recovered within 5 years, there is a risk of having to look for these numbers elsewhere.