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Dirty game, very difficult release - Libero Cottidiano

Dirty game, very difficult release – Libero Cottidiano

“A man in my village asked me this morning:”But is it true that you are breaking the league?“There is someone who believes in it …” Giancarlo Giorgette. Besides him, there is, in addition to the candidate of Mayor Matteo Pianci Matteo Salvini. Everyone laughs, and even in the crowd you can hear laughter.

Georgette's victory and the Lamorkis catastrophe, Kisleri's latest poll: statistics here

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Many newspapers represent him as a major weaver behind the curtains, and the Minister of Economic Development, the party’s first rival for secretary and leader, almost releases: “We are trying to bring a good sense of organization. To the people’s government. But working all day, it’s hard to take responsibility, then Get up in the morning and read someone explain what you are doing and what you are not doing…⁇. Mentions the founder of the Georgette League Umberto Posey To refute the reconstructions of the background: “He taught me that the unity of the movement is above all else,” he says.

De Mayo and Speranza are the most famous ministers: assistant.  Vaccine, IFA promises women.  Gioya Taro, Cunning Covid: In Liberot

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Then, during an interview New Sardinia He happily returns to the matter, dismissing his match with Salvini with a football metaphor: “Matteo and I are fillers,” he says. “Like in team games, everyone plays a role: who is the goalkeeper, the director, the striker?” Of course, he is keen to underline his uniqueness and, above all, the line of responsibility that the “ruling” league must pursue. Comment on the latest poll by Euromedia Research As specified Minister with high hopes for the Italians, He says: “People’s confidence in the work being done is pleasing. I believe politics should be seriously explained, especially in difficult situations, where one cannot succumb to slander or false promises.”

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