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Dire consequences for planet Earth - Libero Quotidiano

Dire consequences for planet Earth – Libero Quotidiano

forty nine Satellites From the Starlink Internet constellation launched by SpaceX into Earth orbit, up to forty crashed into the atmosphere and fell to the ground. what happened? The celebrity explains it Luigi Bignami on me tomorrow Saying that a few days ago Sun fired a storm Which observers have recorded without concern: a one-value storm when the scale rises from one to five. Only after the satellite “massacre” launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida was it understood that that storm was one Cme (coronary mass ejection)This is a violent explosion of material that is released from the sun into space and if it reaches Earth it can cause serious technological damage.

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But “compared to what the Sun can do, the storm that affected the Starlink satellites was very little. To really understand what our star can do, we need to reset the clock to September 2, 1859,” he says. Note Bignami saying that on that day, the Earth swallowed a giant tee. Huge amounts of electrically charged particles were expelled from the surface of the Sun, brought closer to the Earth, and overcame the barrier that constantly creates its magnetic field. The sky turned green and blue; The world telegraph system became liquid; Communications are prohibited Fires broke out in many telegraph centers, some operators were surprised by the phenomenon, and compasses went crazy. But at that time no one knew what CME was (they were only recognized in the late seventies), and this phenomenon was called “Carrington event” It is named after the British astronomer Richard Carrington who witnessed and described the event. Fortunately for us, similar phenomena have not been repeated since then, because it also indicates Jonathan Eastwood Imperial College London, which deals with space meteorology, “If that happens today it could be a real drama because we depend so much more on electricity and internet-like networks that could explode around the world causing unimaginable problems.”

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Bignami cites a study of potential consequences in the United States: A Power outages for 130 million people and 10 years to repair the damage. According to another study from New Zealand, such an event can cause this to happen global catastrophe: disruption of the food supply for weeks; Accidents at road intersections are no longer controlled by traffic lights; Rail network failures. People connected to life support systems can die, and in remote places people who rely on GPS can get lost. and for this naryaki neta A group of researchers at the Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory in California has organized a group of researchers to investigate the physics that fires subtle CMs because they look so different from those behind more regular CMs. The research is of great importance because losses such as those to the Starlink satellites could increase in number if they were not able to be predicted, and if a subtle CME like the one in 1859 would form unnoticed before it reached Earth, the consequences could be be really disastrous.