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Dionysi Sassuolo Lazio: "You deserve to win like Sarri? I'm proud"

Dionysi Sassuolo Lazio: “You deserve to win like Sarri? I’m proud”

At the end of the “Mabe Stadium” match between Sassuolo and Lazio, Niroverde coach Alessio Dionissi analyzed the 2-1 victory over the Biancoaleste team coached by Maurizio Sarri at a press conference.

Postponement at 6:00 pm ends 1-2 between Sassuolo e LazioThe match is valid for the seventeenth day of the championship league. At the end of the match, the coach of the Emiliani team said, Alessio Dionissi, analyze the home win against the team Bianconcelesti driven by Maurizio Sarri. Here are the technician’s statements black green in a mixed area, From the press room “Mabe Stadium” Reggio Emilia.

Analysis – “Speaking of lifting the ban after their first goal, no, because they did it right away and that’s to pretend we were there in the match, and nothing changed. We made a mistake when we let the ball go, Lazio were good. We kept it up. It’s no coincidence, if it was done. Showing the goal at other times and today we must not forget the positive and negative episodes. The best Sassuolo is a continuation of the game? I don’t know. I hope not, I hope it is Sassuolo We will see you next time we will find a strong team that beats everyone at home but we must try to be Better than the next team, in the difficulties we will face.”

Absence in the house of Lazio –“Did Milinkovic and Luis Alberto make the match easier? We knew Milinkovic wouldn’t be there, we knew about Luis Alberto yesterday. We had to play this match and I’m not here to be on the list because someone was missing us. They play more than us and we knew it was in the second half. They could have given up on something. Lazio took the lead on our mistake. Giving so little to a team like Lazio is not easy, and in addition to Lazio’s shortcomings there are big advantages from Sassuolo.”

SU sari – “I am proud to connect with Sarri. The quality of the game is made by the players. Sarri’s hand is tangible, even if it is not up to me to judge Lazio, but yes, you can see Sarri’s hand, I think whoever won and deserved more. What is Sarri for Me from Tuscany? Surely the newspapers will remember him too. My career can’t be compared to Sarri. Maybe I was lucky to get to Serie A, but maybe I can emulate what Sarri did.”

Ferrari and Berardi replaced due to physical problems? Gian Marco really had a problem at the end of the first half and he tried to keep going, I was taking it down because he was a little flop. I don’t think it’s anything serious. I, Domenico, will never take him off, he was a little tired, but he was the one who asked for a change, tired more than anything.”