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Digital key theft: Goodbye forever with the new UWB technology | Request to install it immediately, Ko thieves


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Our cars are increasingly developing and advanced: you can see an infinite number of electronic, IT and digital equipment, devices and systems of absolute value: capable of improving everything, absolutely everything on board.

From performance to… safetyWe can only say that our cars today are definitely safer and more practicalFunctional and easy to manage Compared to the past.

Thanks to contributions onboard technologies, Not only can we guarantee that we will enjoy cars that have been optimized in terms of performance, but also in terms of comfort, enjoyment and enjoyment. protection.

Starting with systems Driver Assist Assistant Which protects us from the point of view of driving safety through all the devices that improve The relationship between consumption and performance Go through the infotainment system.

However, and this is in some ways what is called the other side of the coin, there are also considerations on the other side to be made regarding the advantages: technology is improving, to be sure. But not just for us.

Tech thefts and digital keys, what you need to know

In fact, there are now true thieves who specialize in digital theft. The kind of classic car theft load that unfortunately never stops. Today in fact, with the presence of digital keys and Central systems sI think I’m safe, but in some cases that may not be the case. Thefts With digital key increasingly frequent, leaving many citizens speechless in the face of massive damage, From every point of view.

However, we must not be afraid or raise our hands to the sky trying to seek superior protection. If anything, we should believe that the same technology is helping us defeat high-tech thieves: new technology The technology calls UWB, Which allows anyone to forget, forever, The presence of thieves. What does this new technology consist of? We make it clear.

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UWB technology, what it does for your car

If you want to say goodbye to keyless car theft, or with a digital key, the new one UWB technology This is right for you. It greatly reduces the risk of theft of keyless systems, with a new system Ultra-wideband radio technology – UWB specifically – which allows thieves to create a truly insurmountable barrier compared to current technologies available to car thieves.

In practice, it works like Range extension that amplifies the radio signal To which the key responds in response to the same technology used by digital thieves, Determine the distance between the key and the car.

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