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Diet, food, and water use: here are the secrets to saving money during the holidays

Safe, anti-waste, in the name of saving energy and water with a quality-conscious diet. Enea’s Sustainable Christmas Guide comes: 3 posters with the good rules to follow during the holidays. On the food front, Enea states, a successful strategy to combat food waste must include identifying “good circular economy practices” that allow identifying loopholes in the food system and also strategic actions to control waste.
So here’s how to do it: Start with the actual amount of food needed for an average meal; Evaluate expiry dates for different products as you shop; Pay attention to information about technologies or ingredients on food labels that help reduce food waste; prefer seasonal products and those that have indicated the fate of the packaging at the end of the cycle; Provide seasoning for fresh or raw foods only when serving them, in order to save them for later meals. When it comes to leftovers, take stock of the food that can be reused in the following days, and invite guests to bring a portion with them or freeze it; using leftovers in the kitchen to make new dishes and using ripe or “bruised” fruits and vegetables to make smoothies, soups, or desserts; collaborate with local initiatives against food waste; Organic foodies prefer to hand over leftovers and biodegradable shopping bags to the waste collector. Here are the recommendations of the “smart” diet: prefer foods with a low environmental impact, and consume seasonal and local produce; eat in a varied and balanced way; increased consumption of products of plant origin; do not consume foods produced from fertilizers and pesticides; Then Aeneas advises Follow a healthy and balanced diet on the model of the mediterranean diet and the food pyramid; eat “safe” food, always choosing controlled products to protect food safety; selection of products of known origin, possibly with appellation of origin and geographical indication; Eating “healthy and colourful”, consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables based on the 5 colors of well-being (red, green, yellow, white and purple).
How to save water and energy
In terms of energy and water, Enea reminds us to: carry out systems maintenance; Check the temperature of the rooms: 19 degrees is enough; Pay attention to the ignition hours; installing reflective panels between the wall and the radiator and avoiding curtains or furniture in front of the radiators; ensuring correct air exchange in rooms without leaving windows open for a long time; installation of thermostatic valves; home inspection and selection of the latest generation of solutions; Keep lights on only in the rooms you use and turn off appliances; prefer more efficient models of household appliances; Buy presence detectors and smart plugs. Finally, to save water, you will have to: maintain the efficiency of the water system and check for hidden leaks: it is estimated that with a drip tap, up to 5 liters are lost per day; turn off the tap to prevent the water from flowing uselessly; reuse water from cooking pasta or washing vegetables to rinse dishes; Always use dishwashers and washing machines with full loads; Faucets with sensors or with an aerator are preferred; double-button flush installation to save up to 100 liters of water per day; choose a shower rather than a bathtub; shutdown of the central system when not in use for long periods; use drip or sub-irrigation systems for irrigation; The use of drainage floors on the external surfaces of buildings.

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