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Diego Negri: Villa of... Star

Diego Negri: Villa of… Star

Golden and Silver Stars, Dragons, Stormy Seas… It’s an epic saga that you tell but it doesn’t belong to the Vikings. To another people of indomitable navigators: Diego Negri is a Ligurian from Diano Marina, Imperiaand even if Legend’s title can be registered correctly, whatever he combined belongs to another category: it’s “History”.

With millennia behind it, the great tale of navigation heroes, who set sail with the Argonauts and Odysseus, still manage to find heroes capable of expanding the plot towards previously unimaginable horizons. there feather, understood as a sport, is a little younger, only a few centuries, but it is certainly intense. Diego’s life and work testify to this.

Born in 1971Three posts in games with badge yellow flame: in Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 with one laser standard and one in the double-bar star in Beijing 2008. The final five-wheeler won him in the land of Greece Elected Ligurian Athlete of the Year In the Stars in Sport competition, in one of the first versions of the review.

Diego Negri: “Unforgettable feelings with sailing and the stars in sports”

But if participation in the Olympics is supposed to be an omen, then everything else must go down. Maybe a little easier, but there are no more peaks. Instead, Diego Negri goes to ascend once more to heaven. Stella dello Sport already was, but she still looked to the stars to show the way to go on the seven seas. He begins to dedicate himself almost completely star classAnd from there he arrives at his happy island, straight up to the morning, considering that the sunset though years advanced a decade after that tipping point still seemed far away.

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Saturday 17 September From BowmanAnd the sailor who cares about the bow, together Sergio Lambertingi From Nago Torbole, in Alto Garda, Trentino, where they usually train, he conquered Marblehead, Massachusetts, in the far northeastern United States, World Star Championships in the year that celebrates the class’s 100th anniversary. And there He succeeded for the second year in a row: In 2021 he won with Frithjof KleinGerman, in the last “house”, in Kiel, in the land of Schleswig-Holstein, where the Baltic Sea was lost between the land of the Teutons and the land of Dane.

Dianese Diego Negri is the world champion in the star category

The star was the queen of the Olympic classes from the 1930s to London 2012, the second most famous and oldest trophy in sailing after the America’s Cup. Only five other all-Italian crews managed to beat it, 7 of those who can win two times in a row and 12 “multiple medalists” in the world. Diego Negri is unique in being at the heart of all these records.

Negri recounted in detail how painful this last feat was: the trophy he had in his possession, as champion, did not reach nearby Boston, nor did the sails! On the charter boat there was a big break on the rudder and one on the keel, and there was a “very tough competition course, with conditions ranging from 3 to 25 knots”. But whoever got off to a good start is half the battle, solving boat problems, they took second places in the first two tests, and then someone was there to help their “star” from there, from other stars:

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“I would also like to thank my father for this result, which I dedicate to him like last year. With the difference that in 2021 he was not really good but he was still able to understand it. This year, however, he has not been with us for six weeks. Indeed. She almost convinced me not to leave for this race. But Sergio worked hard to organize everything. And my dad looked at me from there. He definitely helped me.”

The awesome Diego Negri. World champion for the second time

It also came thanks a lot Comrade Lambertenge, with whom he reached the second and third places. To emphasize that this latest victory for a negri’s career is not just a icing on the cake, but another gem on the crown that already houses a very precious and rich collection.

proud 5 continental titles Between the eastern and western hemispheres More than 10 titles between Italian and provincial championships. From 2013 to the present, he has been at the top of the Star Sailors League Leaders Rankings for over 50 weeks.

And if on one hand he knows how to direct the stars as he pleases like some of the superheroes in the Marvel comics, he’s really the superhero, and he goes back to the Scandinavian epics and if you also prefer Game of Thrones inspired by them, even to ride the Dragon He is second to none on this earth, and its stagnant waters: in June This year he won the world championship in the dragon class With Team Fever GBR 819, under the English flag with German owner Diederichs, and British Jamie Lea. Another statement on the German Baltic, in Kolungsborn.

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Dragons are also one of the historical categories of sailing, which shows that history calls history. Diego Negri has been called up by Villa’s team several times, and he has answered often and with force “Present!” Which is now already frequented in Spaces of Legend. From Diano Marina to the whole planet, many times and on several boats.

Federico Borlando

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