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BIG BROTHER VIP 2021 ELIMINATED, Cards Report / Biagio out, Barù without patterns, Basciano ...

Did Barrow smoke a joint at GF VIP? / Sophie and Mirjana “confirmed” the slip, is the gate open?

The beginning of the new year with the controversy of Al Big Brother VIP. At the heart of the commotion, in this particular case, it ends there barrowWhich has to deal with the heavy accusations made by some competitors in the last hours. In fact, a newcomer to Cinecittà could have been accused of smoking cannabis at home for an indoor New Year’s party. To arouse suspicion think about it Sophie Codejoni Which, on the occasion of a conversation with Alessandro Bacciano, explained what he would have seen on the night between 31 and 1, when Barrow had made a sensational “slip”.

Then Sophie also talked about this with another competitor, Mirjana Trevisan, who in turn would have confirmed Sophie’s thesis, as Jessica later did. The confrontation has access to the interest of the audience, but also and above all the authors who invited Sophie into the cult, perhaps for clarification.

Barrow in a reed predicament? He’s not denying anything and Jessica reveals a previous episode

at the same time Jessica Selassie I went to Barù to ask for explanations, as well as not denying anything he might have made clear, in a previous sarcastic conversation with Jessica, her first approaches to smoking at a young age. Most likely, competitor Jivino was referring to simple tobacco, but given the hype that has exploded in the past few hours on social media and in general on the web, Big Brother has not necessarily decided to investigate the matter. The ball, of course, goes to conductor Alfonso Signorini. In tomorrow night’s episode, Monday, January 3rd, some shockwaves are expected for Barrow’s new entry. We’ll see what happens and if there are any measures.

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