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"Diane Melo Kiss Me Again": A hardened performance, blurred Zinga

“Diane Melo Kiss Me Again”: A hardened performance, blurred Zinga

Big Brother VIP

Rosalinda Cannav end confession after the end of the fifth edition of Big Brother Vip

Rosalinda Canavu, also known as Adua Del Vesco, is back to talk about Diane Melo, the well-known Brazilian model for Big Brother VIP. In the most spied on house in Italy, the two formed a very strong relationship, to the point where there was often talk of a true love story. In Weekly Chi, the Sicilian actress revealed that Diane experimented with a physical style even after the end of Canale 5’s reality show.

This is the Rosalinda Canavu’s confession Who, apparently, did not particularly like Milo’s gesture:

“A short time ago I saw Diane doing the shooting. There was a moment when she gave me a very strong kiss, a bit like what happened to Big Brother Phip. I hardened. I love Diane, but I don’t want to deceive anyone. There is no story there just beautiful friendship Nothing else… at least for my part it is.”

Diane Milo’s kiss isn’t particularly likable Andrea Zinga, another former Big Brother Vip competitor and new friend of Adua Del Vesco. Walter’s son commented on the situation as follows:

“I am tired of receiving negative messages about my girlfriend and her different sexual orientation from how she feels about me. If that was the case, I would be happy for her, God forbid, and step aside. But they are stupid”

So despite the haters out there The relationship between Rosalinda Cannavò and Andrea Zenga continues to flourish. At the moment, the couple do not live together but are already making important plans for the future. The former fantasy star Mediaset has had an excellent relationship with Roberta Termali, the mother of Andrea.

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Zenga Junior will soon meet the relatives of Adua Del Vesco: the former gieffins decide to take a trip to Sicily to meet all the relatives of Rosalinda Cannavò, now completely forgotten by Giuliano Condorelli, whom she loved for ten years despite the fake stories with her. Gabriel Jarko e Massimiliano Mora.

Diane Melo is dating entrepreneur Andrea

Beyond the story of Adua Del Vesco Diane Melo continues to collaborate with businessman Andrea Torino. South America linked up with the boy after a flashback, which ended badly, with Mario Balotelli. The two first spent a weekend on the Amalfi Coast and then vacationed in Mykonos, Greece with some friends.

Diane Melo introduced her new boyfriend to Sophia’s daughterSeven years ago by ex-partner, model Stefano Sala. Not only that: These days, Milo also met Andrea’s family. So, a story that is getting more serious day by day…