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Diane Melo, a serious victim: 'She was confused'

Diane Melo, a serious victim: ‘She was confused’

Diane Melo Among the victims of the ring Jokes aside aired this evening. Boom de tweet For the Brazilian model who is currently in Brazil who ended up in the middle of a scandal sexual harassment while participating in Reality of La Fazenda. Diane was the victim of the live joke taped a few months ago.

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Diane Melo seriously

There is a lot of media hype around the Diane Milo case. Friends and fans are calling for her to be removed La Fazenda, But his lawyer hyenas She talked about a punishment that would force her to stay. “You could have watched the joke on the couch at home with your daughter and instead she wouldn’t be there.” A user writes on Twitter without hiding the concern.

Diane Melo seriously

In the live joke, Diane faced a turbulent audition for an actress. She was carrying a pistol who played a desperate woman shooting, but something went wrong and the police arrived. Milo thought that she had accidentally offended the actor with her on stage, but her reaction sparked her curiosity. “It’s petrified, it doesn’t matter.”Mosul comment Enrico Papi.

Diane Melo La Fazenda

Meanwhile, in the past few hours, the disappearance of the man accused of the abuse became news. Nego de Borel, that rejects the accusations, He was found in a hotel under the influence of sleeping pills.

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