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Deny the vaccine: 15 feet against health workers

Deny the vaccine: 15 feet against health workers

Fifteen of Oss, midwives and nurses were suspended from their jobs Vaccine. This is a decision taken by the ASP (Provincial Health Authority) Reggio Calabria, Headed by Commissioner Gianluigi Sofidi, after the selection of health workers.

Initially, the number of people who were willing to refuse the vaccine was more than fifteen today. Changing things was the first order call made by the ASP administration. In fact, after receiving the first warning, there were many who took a step back and participated in the vaccination campaign as a result.

However, the man who wanted to continue on his path, not really paying attention to the advice he received, found himself Suspended from service As a result of seeing his salary suspended as well. Fifteen health workers go back to work and the only way to get paid is to be vaccinated.

Commissioner Gianluigi Sofidi In making this decision, it followed national orders to suspend all those who refused to oppose the Govt, despite daily contact with patients, in order to turn hospitals into safer places for the safety of patients. “We simply applied the law with these kinds of rules. First came the warnings, then the suspension through the pay freeze“, His opinion. Then he explained:”For two reasons, we cannot allow these. On the one hand, we are not credible if people want to be vaccinated, and primarily health workers do not vaccinate. Second, we are already employees and these suspensions are not helping us“.

Also, just a few days ago there National Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo), by its chairman Filippo Anelly, was asked by the Senate Constitutional Affairs Commission: “We agree with the government on the compulsory free vaccination for health professionals, which is of some concern to physicians, and now everyone is vaccinated, with very rare exceptions“And he said:”In the opinion of this Federation, an actual suspension from the professional register should be introduced, which should be associated with the Professional Order Act, and therefore automatically“.

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