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Denver, Colorado: An emerging destination waiting to be explored

Denver, Colorado: An emerging destination waiting to be explored

Denver, the capital of Colorado, is one of the emerging destinations in the United States. It is a city that tourism only recently discovered, and found a destination to the fullest Halfway between nature and modernity Typical for urban spaces. Many have already gone to big cities in the US like New York, Washington, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami and now looking for something different, they’re heading to Denver. The first was the famous Lonely Planet travel guide To crown Denver as one of the emerging destinations not to be missed and the reasons, in fact, are many. Off the Classic Roads, Denver, aka Mile High CityIt is a destination that deserves all the attention. To organize a trip to the United States, you should always take into account Time required to confirm ESTA.

City History

The capital of the state of Colorado is located at height About 1600 AD, i.e. Tendency, hence its nickname. To the west they can be admired The famous Rocky Mountains Ranging from Canada to Mexico with constant A layer of snow on the tops higher. It is a very livable city, in fact, over the years it has ranked in more than one quality of life rating in the United States. He managed to reconcile his own perfectly Western spirit with modernity.

Denver experienced a boom during gold rush When gold miners headed to the foot of the nearby rocky mountains in search of precious gold nuggets. Once the gold rush ended, Denver experienced a second golden age in the 1940s and 1950s. percussion generationincluding one of the main preachers was Jack Kerouac.

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Denver today

Today, on the other hand, it has the distinction of being the capital of a modern and resplendent country thanks to its architecture signed with important names such as GiĆ² Ponti. It attracts many young people and artists who find their permanent center of gravity in Denver Museum of Art. The people who move around the city are athletic, young, creative and have a great desire to be outdoors thanks to the beautiful scenery that Denver offers. In addition, she was also crowned beer capital Thanks to the many craft breweries that use the purest water that flows from the springs of the Rocky Mountains.

Trendy clubs, bars and restaurants are concentrated in the city center where you can inhale an electric and sparkling atmosphere. enjoy good food, Taste premium craft beer, listen to live musicThis is what downtown Denver, Colorado has to offer. They are very special to me Rooftop roomsThat is, the occupation of the roof from which, of course, you can enjoy a distinctive view of the city and its beautiful buildings.

Among the attractions not to be missed are the many city parks for sports and cycling Along the Platte River. Finally, it must also be mentioned rocky red amphitheater. It is located outdoors and, as its name suggests, was built using monoliths from local redstone.