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"Meloni has taught us a lesson".  The number of women unmasking the Democratic Party

Dem immediately threw themselves into the service of Paris. On the other hand, the calendula is not marked: “The Élysée is not composed.”

The centre-left is running to sympathize with Emmanuel Macron over the dispute over NGO ships but with some differences. Needless to say, the Democratic Party, Secretary of State Leah Cuartabel, was most crushed by the Transsalpine view of the matter, accusing our government of damaging Italy. Giuseppe Provenzano, part of the left wing in the organization led by Enrico Letta, presses through La Stampa: “In those days, in the port of Catania, we immediately understood that an unnecessary brutal and harmful action was being carried out. A place that disgraced our country in the face of the international community,” he says. Former Minister of the South , Letta’s deputy minister, was one of the parliamentarians who a few days ago chose to board Humanity1. The Dems’ line on managing migrant affairs has been the same for years: a guarantee of welcome to all and a firm condemnation of those who believe that a beautiful country cannot accommodate all those who seek refuge on our shores. If France comes to the game, scandalous The chorus becomes even harsher. “It is serious to compromise the relationship with the country that has caused us so much print in recent months – the parent company in the Senate, Simona Malbesi – ET. Foreign policy is not done on social media, putting national interests at risk. Malpezzi writes it on Twitter, then via social media.

However, the opposition parties have not proved perfect on this point. Emma Bonino, who has never stood out for her hard-line handling of diaspora events, creates a broad example, but some episodes remind the French. “The Meloni government – he wrote to the Republic – simply continues the line of Salvini. The brutal game of politics on the skin of others, especially the most fragile, is shameless even from the point of view of real politics. Then to the transalpine policies wider: «Who without sin in the EU countries, however, throw the first stone. The French army France remembers Calais and Ventimiglia, who crossed the border on at least one occasion to prevent settlers from interfering in Italian territory». This is a weighty precision.

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Carlo Calenda, who has offered some criticism of Emmanuel Macron in the past, is more direct: “The worst thing the opposition can do today is to enthusiastically welcome France’s misguided gesture to weaken Meloni. From every point of view, the Elysée increase seems out of tune and exaggerated. There are reasons for Italy to ignore the reforms ». A strong position, As far as we know, it has caused some embarrassment in Europe, especially being an active member of the European group Renew Europe, like the French president. In short: Calenda, neo-Macronian, against Macron. While in the minority, since the beginning of the legislature, everything continues against everyone, and on NGOs.