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Delta variant, viral load log: Why is it highly contagious and what is changing

Delta variant, viral load log: Why is it highly contagious and what is changing

A new Chinese study may explain why alternative Delta It is spreading at an exponential rate throughout Europe. The first infections of this strain of Covid were detected in the continental part of the Asian country, with ben 167 infections It directly relates to the first patient who was tested positive for an ex-Indian.

Researchers from Guangdong Provincial Center for Infectious Disease Control and Prevention isolated قام first outbreak The delta variant in China sought to determine the epidemiological, genetic, and serological features of the mutated virus.

Delta variant, viral load record: 1260 times higher than the original virus

across the sequence and analysis Molecular buffers Conducted on a daily basis, it was found that the viral load would be 1260 times higher than that detected in positives during the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic.

From the data collected, therefore, the rate Repetition Widely The potential of the delta variant is much faster than the original strain, as well as greater transmissibility already in the early stages of infection.

Delta variant, viral load record: Transmitted faster than the Wuhan virus

In infections detected in 2020, the average time interval between the first exposure to MERS-CoV and the first positive smear was 6 days. The new study shows that less than 4 days to be infected, and that the strain originating in India would actually be more contagious at an early stage.

This is very important information about latency time, which is the period when the virus enters the body and begins to spread without being contagious, maintaining low levels of the viral load.

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Delta variable, viral load history: What is changing due to anti-Covid restrictions

Know how positive a person is delta variable Capable of transmitting the coronavirus is a must to think about Interventions targeted To break the chain of infections and nip new infections in the bud disease outbreak.

By the way, more than half of the injuries examined in the study occurred at the stage No visible symptoms, in which objective signs cannot be detected in patients, and further research would be indispensable to rethink, for example, color zones in Italy and in determinants anti Covid all over the world.