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DeLogo: “They didn’t want me to be in the restaurant in a gym outfit” – Culture & Shows

She dressed like a gym, which is why the trattoria under the house in Rome didn’t accept her: It’s the adventure that Andrea DeLogo told her in a TikTok video.

“I finished the gym, dressed in gym clothes. I went down, as a restaurant was opened and I wanted to try it. I go to the lady outside and ask her if there are two places to eat. This lady gathers me, gathers the one who was with me, we were in gym clothes, and he told The restaurant is full,” the host explained.

In fact, the restaurant “was empty, there were three tables. He told me it was full and that we had to make a reservation. He gave me the note”. Then Delogu decided to try to book by phone: “I call and ask for a table for twenty minutes after that, for three. She asks me if you’re coming in or out, ‘We’re waiting for you.’ I’m pissed off. I told her I was the girl from before. And then they bounced around because we were We wear bad clothes.”

“But in 2022, are there still dress codes at the club?” DeLogo asked. “The lie made me angry. I was upset.”

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