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Dell'Utri, Cuffaro and confessions: 30 years after the massacre in Sicily, the support of those involved in mafia activities is still needed to win.

Dell’Utri, Cuffaro and confessions: 30 years after the massacre in Sicily, the support of those involved in mafia activities is still needed to win.

“Bread is made from the flour you have in your home”. It was 2012 and Nello Musumeci Responding to reporters pointing to the number of candidates under investigation – the so-called “Unpredictable”- Lists piled up in support of him running for governor. He is a man, right and face legally Often ended in controversy for a series of reasons The nature of the judiciaryHe stretched out his arms. On the other hand, it was very clear to him what the problem was: in 2006 He had already applied Leader of the RegionSupported after refusing to join the coalition Totò CuffaroA. for assisting in court at that time Cosa Nostra. As is well known, Kafaro won the toss and elected to field Rita Porcelino. Musumasi finished third, then – in 2012, Kafaro is now A.C. Prisoner – Came Defeated again: Runs center-right split and wins Sicily region Rosario Crochetta. To realize what his dream was, Mussoorie had to wait another five years: in 2017 he was elected governor, with support. Small center right Also this method was passed Some candidates known to lawyers. Musumasi has withdrawn it He stretched out his armsLet me quote that phrase once again about bread and flour. His order, led by Sicily, ran in between Some injuries by its loyalists in the Govt administration And an achievement: he was the first governor not to be tried during his administration since the 1990s. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly Should be recommended again.

Porcelino Phrases – This is why it went up a few days ago Milan Attend the conference Brothers of Italy, The only party that supports him but the party he does not formally join. For some time, in fact, the governor formed his own movement.It will become beautiful“, A name was borrowed Paulo Porcelino. “A Day this land will become beautiful“, Said the voting magistrate Social movement For this reason it has become a symbol OK. Musumasi is the symbol that says he is very caring. And really at the conference Brothers of Italy He reminded us that his movement was “inspired” A phrase from Porcelino“In view of the thirtieth anniversary of the assassinations of Kepassi and Via d’Amelio, the Governor wished to remember that” Balcon and Porcelino are still points of reference for the youth. ” Fdi He complimented. It’s okay if Porcelino says something else. For example, “Political parties are not the only ones to do that To be honestBut Appear honestDone Cleaning All of them are achieved in any case by confusing episodes or facts, even if they are not crimes.

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Meeting with Dell’Utri – Here is this quote a முசுமேசி Apparently she must have escaped. The governor’s last moves are not explained differently, in the frantic search for flour to bake the bread of his reappointment. In fact, it has been seen in recent weeks To the Des Palmes HotelEveryone calls it the historic hotel in the center of Palermo. “Palms. That’s it Marcello del Udri Has set up headquarters. And there’s the historical right – handed man Silvio Berlusconi Met Musumasi. The background says that the governor asked Dell Utry to intercede for Berlusconi. Gianfranco Michiche – Historical Viceroy Come to Italy On the island – no intention of supporting him. Dell’Utri seems to have made himself available: he called Berlusconi and handed him over the phone. Musumasi could not say anything about this background. Dell’Utri, on the other hand, said, “Yes, he did, but he did say so.”Books only“With the governor. Some believed it. And for a few weeks the former senator returned to play a role in Sicilian politics. For example, it was first mentioned. Roberto Lagalla Best candidate for mayor of Palermo.

Friendship changes, relationships do not change – The former rector of the University of Palermo is not the new face of politics: he was regional councilor. Training With Musumeci and before he drove very powerful Department of Health At the time of Kafaro. A few weeks ago, he was only one of five center-right candidates elected mayor of the capital‘Approval On the other hand, Dell’Utri’s entire alliance – even the non-iconic Rensiers – was united in his name. League And Come to Italy First they put forward another candidate and then they made him back down by pressing Arcore. Miccichè, Dell’Utri’s former political creature, did not take it seriously if he went so far as to say he was his former defender.It doesn’t matter anymoreDell’Utri, as often happens to him, responded with a complete joke: “He is right, I express my opinion, I do not allow him to give advice. But what can I do The media also listens to me“Friendship will change in Sicily but not everything else: faces and bonds will always be the same, especially bonds. Outdoor competition for Cosa NostraThe fugitive was arrested Lebanon Who later served seven years in prison, still dictating the timing of politics on the island. Although what he says is true, he only talks about books at the Hotel Delle Palm, and hiss is enough. Approval Lagalla should be made the full United Central-Right candidate. Politicians from Rome are preparing to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the attacks in Sicily. Giovanni Falcon And Paulo PorcelinoSo, everyone in Palermo is watching Dell’UtriHe is still being investigated for the ’93 massacre in Florence.

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Vasa Vasa Return – Kafaro’s situation was different, but not too much.Vasa Vasa“The one who kissed anything, the powerful governor who had posters printed with those words” The Mafia does Hate“, Just before the end of his seven – year imprisonment Help and assistance at Cosa Nostra. Like Dell’Utri, Cuffaro enjoyed his sentence. Then he went out and returned to deal with what he said he liked most: politics. He is not a candidate because he is like Dell’Utri Prohibited from public officesBut a kind but a penser Of Moderate. The former governor founded a party in the name of depression: it is called The New Christian Democracy And he has already collected a lot of city councilors in the administrative offices last year. In short, when it comes to votes, Kaffaro still carries its specific weight: the center-right began to invite him to the top of the coalition, and a few months ago Toto returned to the regional presidency. “Musumasi wanted to meet me, others had a hard time, he did,” he said KafaroHe was greeted with full respect by a former adversary who preferred to run alone rather than support him 15 years ago.

Missing Controversies and Denials – Now, Cuffaro and Dell’Utri have served their sentences, so it is pertinent to underline that municipal and regional authorities have every right to say what they think. The problem is, when their views – the views of the two perpetrators associated with Cosa Nostra – change Very powerful Approval. That is why The Pio La Torre Center It asks candidates to “first and foremost deny the sponsorship of men affected by their cooperation with the political-mafia organization.” The same Request sent by Maria Falcon: “A candidate for an important position, such as the mayor and any other election office, must stay away from those convicted of mafia affiliation.” Alfredo MorevilloFalcon’s brother-in-law, Bitter: “Thirty years after the massacre, in Sicily’s hands Mafia culprit. In the face of these facts a bad feeling comes to mind: Some deaths are useless“This is where Lagallah responded. He may have said he did not want the votes of Cuffaro and Dell’Utri. Instead he said he had an” ancient “relationship with the former governor. As for Dell’Utri, he”Inactive object of personal certificate Should be considered in his role. “

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Worse than a leopard – In short, no matter how the elections go, we can already say that it ended badly in Sicily Leopard. “If everything is to be as it is, everything must change” is the immortal phrase in his masterpiece. Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa He pronounces Doncredi, the grandson of Prince Salina. But today, in Sicily, we have gone even further: neither the appearance of change nor the disappointment. Thirty years after the massacre, I. Closed for contact with Cosa Nostra Have returned as directors of Political alchemy: A force that seems untouchable only because no one is willing to question it. Meanwhile, in Kabashi, the city notorious for the Balkans massacre, a city councilor stood up and said in town hall: “This is a city with decent people. Does that mean the Mafia exists? Let him find out .. “The leopard may have been almost there after all Revolutionary.