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Def, good decision in the room: extend the terms of the super-villus, and deflect if the situation gets worse

Def, good decision in the room: extend the terms of the super-villus, and deflect if the situation gets worse

The go-ahead for the chamber on the majority decision on Dave. The document was approved in Montestorio by 412 votes to 55 against. Fdi and Alternativa voted against. Well also, by qualified majority, for the decision to approve the Government’s report to the House of Representatives on the General Budget which updates the fiscal targets and the relevant plan for structural rebalancing towards the Medium-Term Objective (OMT), in light of the changing macroeconomic and fiscal framework. The number of supportive votes reached 407 to 22, with 36 abstentions. An absolute majority of Chamber members is required. Fdi abstains, Alternativa votes against.

The resolution on budgetary compensation, on which the majority found agreement, provides for a reference to the budget discrepancy. Indeed, the third paragraph states that the government must “monitor” the direction of the macroeconomic situation and “if there is a deterioration in the scenario” it must assess deviation from “support measures” for households and businesses

Decision bias hypothesis

Explicit reference to Article 6 of Law No. 243, which is used specifically to request budget differentials, appeared again in the final text, “in order to provide support interventions, quite similar to those implemented during an epidemic emergency, for families and workers and for that part of the production sector which is particularly affected by the consequences of the crisis in Ukraine” Of course, all necessary precautions are being taken, but the de facto document calls on the government to commit to using additional resources, even in the event of a deficit, to tackle the energy crisis.

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party pressure

The pressure to mention the skew hypothesis in the decision was unanimous. Without prejudice to the greater vigilance of the Democratic Party, which in recent days has nonetheless broken the taboo of scaling the deficit by joining the chorus of M5s and the center-right, the only party that continues to lag in the gap remains Italy, long live.

Majority decision: contain energy prices

The government will also have to “use the space derived from maneuvering for new expansionist initiatives by providing further interventions to contain the increase in energy prices as well as by reviewing the system of reference and fuel prices, ensuring the necessary liquidity for companies through guarantees are also granted in light of the new Commission Communiqué No. 2022/C 131 I/01 on the new contemporary state aid framework as well as the sectors most affected by current emergencies”.