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Dear Petrol, fake bonus from Lazio region: beware of the new scam by messages

Dear Petrol, fake bonus from Lazio region: beware of the new scam by messages

The Expensive petrolin addition to creating many problems for the pockets of Italian motorists, it has also started a whole series of Message tricks (Traditional and WhatsApp) in which some unsuspecting citizens have fallen. Deception, in fact, is around the corner and sometimes disguised In the form of messages arriving directly from the Lazio region who reads”Dear customer, the petrol voucher decree has been issued‘, to the following A link you are invited to click.

disguised scam

In fact, there is nothing else behind the link Attempting to hack the device and steal personal information, such as data to access bank accountsEmail and different social profiles. They have been these days Lots of user reportsworried after receiving the messages, above all because they seem to come from the Lazio region and therefore, if you don’t pay a little attention, it is very easy to fall into the trap.

Meanwhile, the Lazio region issued a note: “In recent days, an SMS scam has been circulating in which people are invited to click on a link to receive a coupon. The Lazio region is completely alien to it, in fact the text messages do not start from the regional systems. All users are advised not to click on the link. The phishing system simulates sending through the Lazio region gateway, but it is a scam. The Lazio region already filed a complaint in December of the same type of fraud against users. All citizens are reminded of this Any initiative of the Lazio region is carried out through the official contacts and channels of the region“.

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