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«Dear Mancini, win now in my house.  Property?  must play"

«Dear Mancini, win now in my house. Property? must play”

Italian abroad. Whoever comes back as a winner. He, Claudio Ranieri, is the Tour of Europe par excellence: England, Spain, France. But the UK is his second home, from Chelsea to Leicester, where Sir Claudio dominates.

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The secret of his British success?
“I do not know whether it is easier to work in England than in Italy. But the British are athletes from the inside. If they see that their team or the national team gives everything, they are happy. They calmly accept the result of the field, they are for merit ».
Are you a little English?
“I am Italian to all intents and purposes, above my work experience. But I love the British spirit. There is much less pressure, and there is less media. You work on the pitch very quietly, and then there’s the match and that’s it. Lack of gossip and controversy.”
So, are the bad and ugly tabloids a myth?
“The tabloids will slip into extra football. Take the ball seriously. There is passion, yes, but the chatter is not lost. Of course, criticism also comes, especially from ex-players who don’t utter the words. But they are decisive, we go further ».
Would it be like this in Italy?
“I don’t think so, we are Latinos, completely different people. We are on fire.
In football, on the other hand, yes. Italy has evolved, don’t you think?
“That’s right. The Mancini team proves it, good football, a different mentality. We have the latest technicians who are able to help football in other countries as well. And look at the progress England have made.”
His Chelsea experience could have been more successful. Contrition?
“No, zero. I might get to the right place at the wrong times. But in London we got so much satisfaction, we started work that later paved the way for Abramovich’s successes, just like when I was in Valencia. I went to Atletico after winning the King’s Cup and Cuper went to the final. Champions League. With Chelsea we reached the FA Cup final, with Arsenal invincible, not a little bit.”
Satisfaction is gone with Lester, right?
“An incredible season. There was a desire to invest and we profited.”
When he travels abroad does he adapt to the mentality of the place or impose his Italian faith?
“I certainly wouldn’t go in with a straight leg. I study, I observe, I make myself known, and then I carry my mindset, football, which is made up of intensity and focus.”
Did you love to be the coach of the national team?
“Let’s say right away that Italy has a coach and we keep it strict. Having said that, yes, I would, I also have from my experience in Greece. Negative, but still baggage.”

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What do you like about Italy?
“Everyone. The spirit, the joy, the way of playing, the dribbling of the defensive position in the moments of difficulty. Mancini is the maker of this beautiful harmony that you breathe, his national team is like a club team.
Who is the face of the national team?
“I think Chiellini. I know him since I coached him at Juventus, and I transformed him from full-back to heartthrob. He is strong, intelligent, and has a strong personality and mentor.”
The midfield is said to be the point of strength, do you agree?
“Talking about one section means not appreciating the rest. There is also an important Raspadori who does not play ».
property separation. What does a coach do after a bad match, does he keep him on the bench? «The previous game does not count, but how do you live the predictions of the next game. If he’s focused and smiling, no problem; If he is nervous, training poorly, it is better to stay outside. The choice depends on the sensitivity of the trainer in noticing this aspect. I’ll make him play.”
Spinazzola. Feelings?
“A terrible loss. Those tears, damn it. Better if I don’t think about it, a blow to the heart.”
Spain and Italy is your derby?
I am tied to Spain, but Italy is Italy. We don’t really talk about it, we’re not kidding.”
What does wembley mean?
“I was there with Leicester, in the Super Cup, we lost with United. A great stadium, which always leaves something inside you. In short it is possible to win.”

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