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Dead Marco Occhetti, Kim Cousins ​​- Music

In recent years, he sang on the streets of Rome, forgotten by the common people, and also got into controversy with his former band, but for about a decade, at the turn of the 80s and 90s, he was the clear voice of the bands. Country cousins. Marco Okiti, also known as Kim, has died at the age of 62. His daughter, Julia, gave the news, announcing the funeral that took place today at 3 pm in the Fiano Romano of the Basilica of Santo Stefano Protomarte.

Born in Rome on December 24, 1959, Okiti was the voice of the group from 1986 to 1994, having replaced singer Paul Manners and then left it to Nick Luciani. With his understated, band-characteristic voice, and thick blonde hair, he has hit quartet hits, starting with Anima Mia, all over the world, on numerous tours.
“I thank everyone for the messages I wrote to him – he’s reading a post from his daughter on Facebook -. Dad was a mess and he would have liked more people to remember him.” Many messages of condolence on social networks to fans who remember him, despite not participating in the revival initiated by Fabio Fazio and which subsequently led to a cult program with Claudio Baglioni that was broadcast on Rai 2 at the beginning of 1997, which took the title of the most famous Band songs.

In 1994 it was he who decided to leave the group to devote himself to a solo career. In an interview with Messaggero in 2017, he explained that he was no longer in tune with the group, because he was asking for renewal, as the Poohs did for example. However, it is no longer able to impose itself on the general public.
You can often meet him in Piazza Navona or in the Pantheon, but passers-by also rarely know him because he changed his appearance. He abandoned the flashy clothes of the golden years, and accompanied himself only with his guitar.

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He did not hide the economic difficulties. In that interview, attacking former bandmates, Fee explained: “They didn’t pay me contributions, they invented a thousand tricks. They were all pulled with money, but at extreme levels.”
It ended badly.”

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