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Dazn and dual users: from 2022 the subscription changes

Dazn and dual users: from 2022 the subscription changes

It has been talked about for some time, but so far the company has neither denied nor confirmed this change in strategy. The certainty came with the statements of Veronica Diquatro, Regional CEO for Italy and Spain dozen. The streaming service that allows you to watch Serie A matches, various sports competitions and original content, has decided to change its presentation, emphasizing regarding the improper use of subscriptions.

How much does a dozen cost and what are the terms for double users

Dozen subscription costs €29.99 monthly, and allows access to the catalog of documentaries, series, and originals, as well as streaming matches.

It’double width Because it is possible to connect up to 6 devices and watch two content, even if they are different, simultaneously on the largest number of devices. But everything could soon change, as we predicted in This piece is about dual users.

Dazn hack on dual users: when everything changed and why

The ability to use the service on two devices at the same time, called technical terms synchronization, should change early in the next season of the Italian Serie A, with new rates and conditions. So existing subscriptions will remain unchanged, at least until June 2022.

According to reports from Veronica Diquattro, current contracts prove that the subscription is Personal e Not transferable. However, by monitoring Dazn, it was found that many users are selling one of the two users, abusing concurrency.

dzen, what will happen to dual users and what will the new offer be

The future trend is to carry out a fight against the pirate Computer science by limiting synchronization between two devices to the same device only nucleus a favour, or anyway two spectators share the same thing IP, and thus the Internet line itself.

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However, it can be speculated that Dazn will offer the possibility of subscribing to the service with different packages, as is already the case with streaming giants, such as Netflix, making it possible to share the account even with people who are far away or using a different connection even under the same roof.

As for the technical problems that occurred a few months ago, Dazn has started issuing refunds (here’s a guide to getting them). We have shown you instead in This article is all about streaming service.