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Daytona and the first two US GPs

Daytona and the first two US GPs

The first World Championship was held in the United States in the 1960s with two GPs on the Daytona International Speedway. Let us review these events.

For some years now, the riders of the World Championships have been involved in a race called the Grand Prix in the United States again. With the exception of the mandatory break in 2020, the stage has been fixed in Austin since 2013. Until then the United States had GB, although only MotoGP now goes to Laguna during the 2005-2013 period. செகா. But, do you remember the first editions of this section? It was racing in Daytona and it was in the distant 60s. However, the event only lasted for two seasons, GP’s ‘Break’, followed by a return to another location and a new farewell. In the meantime, let’s review the versions that took place there.


The contract was signed in 1954 and construction began, but it was not until 1959 that Daytona International Speedway was officially opened. We are based in Florida, USA and since its inception this track has hosted some of the most prestigious events nationwide. Starting with NASCAR (founder of Track Builder), as well as AMA Superbike, AMA Supercross, Motocross and many more. The first is a triangular structure, as can be seen in this picture, with a total length of 4 km.

However, the path to the World Championships is a bit different: the shorter (3.2 km), the long taller oval of NASCAR races, and the slower interior to go with lower gears. For the most part, the current version used for the motorcycle races below is just 4km away.

Daytona International Speedway was the first American track to host the World Championships, although it was not a huge success in terms of public and media attention.

1964 Grand Prix

The 50cc, 125cc, 250cc and 500cc divisions are the first meet of the season. Classes are skipped because most private individuals stay at home due to high travel costs. Without Honda, with someone coming to rule, we will start from the high class: Mike Halewood In fact he takes polar position, success and fast lap. It did not stop there: Before the race, the British champion flew his MV Augusta at 226.8 km / h. This rewrote the previous speed record set by McIntyre in Monza in ’57 (222.1 km / h). It is noteworthy that Argentina Calderrella (Clara) could follow Heilwood for a long time, with a break in the gearbox leading to Phil Reid and John Hartel. A full British stage, the latter two though two rounds behind.

At 250cc, according to the unfortunate rest (engine malfunction) of the Tarquinio Provini-Benelli duo, but there is still a tricolor touch on the stage. There Burilla Ron Grant closed behind the winner Alan Sheppard (MZ) and even two points ahead of Boh Kehring’s bulldozer Ducati. The eighth of a liter is the all-Suzuki Top 4, led by the winner Hugh Anderson On Mitsuo Itoh, Bert Schneider and Isao Morishita. History does not change even among mosquitoes, Hamamatsu’s house still rules. Anderson takes the first step back on stage, followed by Mauritius and Idoh, with local rider Lee Allen’s Ducati points (5 rounds late). Although our Provini, the Krittler driver is in this category, still KO due to mechanical malfunctions, no luck here either.

1965 Grand Prix

The debut at Daytona the previous year was repeated without the official Hondas. No Acostini, M.V. The deal was struck by Augusta, however he only sends Mike Halewood. And the Englishman repeats the script of the previous year exactly, with worse advantage than his opponents. Imagine home rider Buddy Parriott (first American on stage at 500cc) and Canadian Roger Beaumont finishing 2nd and 3rd, two and three laps behind. Instead, the three Ducati at the start retired, one as a rider with Franco Forn on the pillars of the Red Team (before the injury that stopped his life) and within the company. However, the only tricolor joy comes in the 250cc, what a satisfaction.

Silvio Crossetti And his Moto Morini 250 Bialbero (clearly inferior to his predecessors Yamaha) climbed to the third step of the stage! The winner before him Bill Reid And Mike Duff, who got better than the Italians only in the final sprint. One performance earned him the admiration of Highwood. As for the downtrodden class, Suzuki again clearly dominated, and for a number of non-existent reasons. He won at 125cc Hugh Anderson Up to a few tens Ernst Techner And Frank Ferris, with various home riders to follow private Honda. However, at 50cc, the first two places were reversed: Michio Ichino (retired in the eighth-liter race) was more successful than Technician on the third step of the stage.

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