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David for Lifetime Achievement by 88-year-old Sandra Melo and a youth inspiration


Italian Film Academy Awards Sandra Melo With th David Di Donatello for Lifetime Achievement. The news greeted by Museh Fellini with great enthusiasm. After all, it’s a file Prestigious recognitionPerhaps a little unexpected for the brilliant actress who, despite her unrivaled rich artistic approaches, has not received many awards.

“Two silver bars, a golden globe. They went to look for them in the box but they disappeared, who knows where they ended up, ”he said in an interview Republic Released just for the occasion. But Sandra Mello is not a woman who thinks about the past, but rather with Incredible power at 88 He transmits his thoughts to others, especially those who are in a period like this, marked by a pandemic, overwhelmed by difficulties and Afraid not to do so. We hope David di Donatello will be the party. ”The moment of rebirthFor film and entertainment professionals, always in his heart.

Summarizing Sandra Melo’s greatness in a few lines is no easy task. she is from He represented the greatest filmmakers Italians love Roberto RosselliniGabriel Salvatores Gabriel Moschino And Pupi Avati, but also of foreign names of the caliber of Jean Renoir and Claude Saute. She formed one New idea of ​​femininity, Acting in masterpieces Federico Fellini She described her as “the absolute genius who seduced everyone with the way he spoke, had a light within him that shines”. It is impossible to forget permission Antonio Petrangeli, To whom the actress spent wonderful words on her: “A great artist, maybe the only one who really knows how to tell a woman. (…) Tell a female soul Like no one. “

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As she said herself, Sandra Melo She received the wonderful news of David’s lifetime achievement from her daughter. Great emotion to like her Spontaneity and originality Couldn’t contain an ad, or even share it on Instagram. Or rather, a dedication to the youth who – despite the generational gap – follow with great affection.

“I want to urge you not to tire of waiting, always hope, enduring pain as an integral part of life, and always believing in yourself and in any case because sooner or later others will notice your worth and love you and will respect you as every person deserves.”

The gorgeous Sandra isn’t just a stark example of how old it is, after all, it doesn’t count at all. How can you live at 88 with the same zeal as a little girl He puts heart and soul in everything he does. Sandra is a cinematic icon who has never lost her desire to learn and discover the world, and has never allowed herself to be trapped in the image of the “dazzling blonde”, Crush a stereotype It is rooted at the time of its debut.

“At that time they only looked at aesthetic qualities. I was a very beautiful girl, a little different from the colors and laws of Italian beauty. But I did not feel discouraged. I am lucky to have a beautiful body and then I will show that I have other qualities. It took me longer. When. I was beautiful. They did not want to know more. But after that, I gained appreciation, important roles and above all, the love of people. “

Sandra Melo is the image of commitment and strength. Hymn to the woman And the courage to be yourself, to make use of one’s potential and qualities, in A mixture of seduction and sarcasm. And this is David Di Donatello – who gets it on May 11th during Carlo Conte’s prime-time concert on Rai 1 – It’s not just a (well-deserved) professional award, but a A great artist in love.

Sandra Mello Post

Sandra Mello on Instagram shares David’s joy at the profession


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